Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vacuuming? It's for the...cats


a Tonggu Momma said...

I love my Roomba. Unfortunately, the Tongginator does not. I haven't used it consistently for over a year... mostly because it makes the Tongginator twitch and scream.

And no, I don't use it ON her. She gets freaked out just looking at it.

crazylady said...

Little Maple will need a LOT of therapy. Start saving.

Re: your last post. Some days, all I thought was 'one more day gone and that means one night closer to her'. Four billion left to go.
It nearly kills you. It emotionally DOES kill you. But it changes one fateful day when Donna calls you. You will be posting about your kid smashing the Roomba. That day can't come soon enough. I don't know how many cat videos are left on You.Tube. for us to watch waiting. BTW, I think the litterbox needs changing.

3D said...

I saw that. What a hoot!

Keep smilin!

Kristy said...

That just cracks me up!!!