Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hmm what do you think?

I was sitting in my FIL's car this afternoon, after having been to the bank, and as I was about to put my seatbelt on, I noticed something on my shirt. A ladybug.

Now, I'm not one to necessarily believe in "signs", but what the ladybug did next was rather curious. It flew from my shirt and landed right on my charm bracelets. For long time readers of my blog, you know that every month I place a charm on my bracelet to mark each passing LIDiversary.


Do YOU think it means anything?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yup, another month down. What else is there to say? At least the rumours are starting to come in...let's hope that they finally do a half-decent sized batch for a change. I'll be happy if I can mark off a good chunk of days this time.

Keeping everything crossed, though I highly doubt it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

UBP10, or why I'm boycotting Hilton...

I held off writing this post as long as I could, but right now I'm pretty peeved with Hilton Garden Inn.

If any of you remember this post, you'll recall that I entered a contest in which I *could* have won a prize. Well, I did, win. I actually won a very nice prize in fact.

In theory at least.

I had entered to win a $250 gift certificate for Hilton Garden Inn. All was going well, until, of course, it was time to *receive* the gift certificate. Apparently something funny happened on the way to the proverbial forum.

The contact that this person had with Hilton went on maternity leave and her replacement didn't want to fulfill the gift certificate that I rightfully won. There was also an excuse that Hilton Garden Inn was not happy about their placement on the prize list. Apparently with such a nice prize, they expected to be placed higher on the list.

How any of this affects me and/or them going back on their word, is beyond me.

For the past (almost) three months, I have heard from my contact that it's going to be sent out "immediately", and yet nothing ever seems to come of it.

Josh and I are going on vacation soon, our intention was to use the gift certificate during our trip, which would have come in *very* handy. Since this happened, and no resolution is on the horizon, we made a concerted effort during the 2+ weeks that we'll be on vacation, to avoid any and all Hilton hotels.

Oh yeah, if anyone from Hilton happens to pop by the blog, which I doubt, feel free to explain why this happened...