Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rambling and babbling

Last night Josh and I didn't get to go to Out of the Cold. Josh is taking a course and instead of it being on Monday, it was switched to Tuesday. He's currently taking a course in radio broadcasting, just for something to do, who knows it might turn into something. So far he's really enjoying it.

I was a bit bummed out when he told me that the course was rescheduled, but what can you do? I really wanted to go because we got a donation of clothing from the fabulous M&M! I'm not sure if we're going next Tuesday, but we'll see. If we can't make it, we're certainly going to drop off the clothing. I want the people at Out of the Cold to use it.

We met up with M&M at their place on Sunday and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with them. Well, it was lovely until Josh's cell phone rang. We all thought it was just a business call, when all of a sudden he said "Yes, send the security guards." Umm, ok.

Apparently our burglar alarm went off and we were a good 30 minutes away from the house. What to do? What to do? We asked Josh's parents to go to the house and wait for the security guard and told them that we would be there as soon as possible.

I kept calling Josh's dad on his cell phone, but he wouldn't answer. We didn't know what was going on. When we were within five minutes of our house, Josh's cell rang and it was his dad. Apparently he left the cell at home, so he drove to a mall (near our house), stopped someone in the parking lot and hijacked their phone. :P

He told us that the power was out in the area and that he was going home because it didn't look like anything was doing at the house. I asked him to go to the house and wait for us and/or the security guards, since we were so close. I didn't want the guard(s) to arrive and find nobody there and leave.

I decided to call the security firm and tell them that we're really close to the house and to make sure they stay there until we get home. Well, wouldn't you know it...they cancelled the alarm and weren't sending anyone out. There was a huge blackout and that was the reason they cancelled it. They said that they didn't feel it was necessary to send anyone because several alarms went off at once. Umm, don't you think they should have called us back to tell us that? You know, since we PAY them?

We finally got home and everything seemed to be ok (thankfully). We had plans to go out with my mom, so we left soon after that. When we got home, there was a slip of paper in our door from the security firm saying that they came, did a search of the premises and didn't find any problems. Yeah, we know that...

What I don't understand is why would they cancel the alarm without telling us, and then send out the guard when they said it was cancelled? I was rather perturbed about the situation, but I let Josh handle it.

He called the company on Monday and spoke to the owner. Apparently the whole problem was our battery backup, they believed it was set up incorrectly and that's why it went off. They sent out a technician to deal with that matter, and apparently it works properly now. I'm still annoyed that they cancelled the dispatch.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Does the alarm make you feel more safe or more crazy? We used to live by ours. Now, eh, who cares.

Lisa said...

I'm glad everything turned out o.k. but what a worry when you're trying to get home.

Glad Josh is enjoying his broadcasting course. Maybe I should get his autograph now before he becomes really famous.

3D said...

Morons...hope you got a credit or something.

Keep smilin!

Dolores and Shawn said...

While I'm glad you got to spend some time with M&M, I'm sorry the alarm people put a damper on the day.

PIPO said...

False alarms are a bite in the arse....mine was set off by the wind the other day and I about poopered thinking someone was crawling through the window. When I found there was no one, I was almost disappointed because I was wanting to sic my attacks cats on them ;0)

(Yea, I'm losing it and need to get my tush to China)

Michele said...

Those things can either be a blessing or a curse.