Monday, July 13, 2009


Today marks our 34 month LIDiversary. Woo. Hoo.

I added a charm that "Crazy Lady" chose (for those of you who know who she is, you know where her blog is...for those of you who don't, so sad, too bad). Anyways, when I went to nab the picture of the charm off the company's website, it showed this. Apparently people who ordered the puzzle charm also bought the kamasutra one as fitting is that for her? ;)

She chose this charm because:
We are four pieces to the puzzle who often don't fit, despite how we force it, and my blog has so many edges. Some linear and some curved. My blog is puzzling overall. I don't stick to one theme long.

Our LIDiversary is bittersweet because good friends of ours received some devastating news today. I just hope they know that we're thinking of them and hoping that things turn around.


crazylady said...

Oooops, secrets out!!!!!!!! Really laughing out loud!

Did I write that? Wow, I'm so deep. But the quote still applies.
You are as charming as ever though and do not require the metal to prove it. But everyone needs a fetish.. I get it : )
Wear it well!
Crazylady (oh yeah baby!)

M and M said...

That is one fine looking cake!!

Happy (?) is crazy that you have had to wait so long already.

Speaking of charms - ya - I clicked and got more then I bargained for!! LOL!

Michelle said...

34 months. Dang they jst keep coming don't they?

I'm sorry about your friends :(

Michelle said...

Of course I meant "just"

I should probably go to bed now. :)

Michele said...

34 done.

Ther isn't anything cheery to say about it. Sorry.

Juliette said...

34 down...
Not much to say sadly.
Good choice from Crazylady!

Anonymous said...

I want the karma sutra one!
34 eh? Blech.

3D said...

34 done! No better way to beat the bittersweet with a sweet treat.

Hugs and Keep smilin!

Lisa said...

Whoooping it up with you. Had a great time on the weekend.


Kris said...

the time will come when the counting is done. that will be a very good time. :O)