Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How thoughtful!

I've been feeling rather down about the adoption, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere lately (which you can all attest to). For long-time readers of the blog, you'll probably notice my lack of posts *about* the adoption lately. As we're coming up to month 39 this Sunday, I've been feeling like this is never going to happen. (It probably will, but this is just how I've been feeling lately).

Anyways, today I received a truly thoughtful card and present in the mail from very good friends - that are currently in Shanghai and are about to receive their beautiful daughter in a few short days. I won't lie, a few tears were shed when I read the card...

I saw this charm and thought of you. The two hearts reminded me of a hug. A hug between friends when times are rough. A hug between a mon & her child. Both have & will happen.

xo Doris

This charm is going on the bracelet today, and I'll be putting another charm on the bracelet on Sunday as well.

Doris, I can't thank you enough for the truly thoughtful gift. It means more than you know. I'm putting it right next to the daisy you sent me last December.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Doris is such a sweet person... I know exactly how you are feeling about this whole adoption thing... I was always told from the beginning of this crazy adoption thing that there will be the speedhumps along the way... oh you are not wrong... I am sending you a ton of hugs your way...

Lisa said...

Made me cry here too. I know the pain you're going through and when I read your post it brought it all back. Please, please know that you have a lot of people who hold you and Josh near to their hearts and will walk every step of this long and winding journey with you.

The B Crew

Juliette said...

She is the best!
Sending you hugs too.