Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well...I never!

Josh and I got together with our BFFs and their kids for a night out. We decided to go to our "go-to" restaurant Boston Pizza, as usual. We normally go there at least once a month, give or take.

We had a delightful waiter who couldn't do enough for us. We placed our drink orders and I told him that we both like A LOT of lime. Usually when we've said that in the past, they'll toss a couple pieces of lime on the side of the glass. This waiter totally "got it" and he must have cut up at least two or three full limes and put them on a plate. It was awesome. :)

We placed our orders and everything came to the table quickly, and was oh-so-delicious.

We sat around, ate, talked and just had a really good time. BTW, the imagination of a certain four year old is amazing. ♥

The girls got their desserts and we continued talking. I swear we never run out of "interesting" topics to discuss. ;)

We asked for the bills and paid, and continued talking.

About ten minutes later, the waiter came over and said that he needed the table because they were going to have a party of 30 come in. I get it, it's a business and all, so we asked if he could move us to another table.

He couldn't, or wouldn't, not really sure, so in essence we were tossed out of Boston Pizza. Oh the humanity!

We all left the restaurant and came back to our place for more coffee and talking. I love when you just get into a really good conversation with good friends.


Teacher Girl said...

Someone wouldn't of been getting a tip.

Lisa said...

We had a great time being tossed out with you guys!

Great party at you place afterwards. We never tire of hanging with you.

Where will we go next month? Hmmmm.


MotherMotherOcean said...

How rude.

geminirn said...

I cannot imagine L talking that!
Glad you had a good time.....just thought i'd check in.