Monday, May 28, 2012

Less than a month?

I got an email today from our agency and they believe we're next. Assuming our referral IS in the next batch, I think we're just less than a month from seeing our child's face for the first time. Once the batch comes out, our agency holds on to the referral for a week while they torture translate the file. They won't confirm that they received the referral nor will they even let us know anything (ie., age, sex, location) - talk about frustrating! With all that said, I hope the next month goes by REALLY quickly.


Kathy said...

Hoping the month passes quickly for you, but that week of not knowing info would about put me over the edge after the wait you have had. Can't wait to see what your baby looks like, is from and how old. I live through all of the new referrals. Love my daughter to bits, but love seeing new families made and extended.

The Drinkwaters said...

That DOES sound like torture. But it will be the sweetest torture yet -no? ;)

Time to get busy finishing up all those other projects you have been slowly chipping away at over the past years!

Sherri said...

Are you kidding me? They hold onto it for a week? I got wind of a tracking number someone sent me, our referral was delivered to our agency on 12-20-11 at around 1pm and by 530 we got our call...along with 3 photos, age, sex the whole nine yards. Talk about torture is right!