Friday, June 01, 2012

...and now it's June

It feels so weird to say (again) that at some point THIS MONTH we're going to know who our child is. After 14 years of waiting, wishing, dreaming and hoping, we are finally going to be a family of three. To celebrate the beginning of our referral month, Josh took me out for a lovely dinner.


Sherri said...

I want to say first - I thought our 5 yr, 6 mos, 1 week & 4 days to the day we had Emma placed in our arms was long. But you have so pasted me on that.

I will continue on checking out your blog looking for that beautiful photo! It's almost here....a few more days!

mam said...

Yahoo! (I finally put your blog in my Reader account...just can't get enough of my favorite maples!)