Monday, December 17, 2007

Banned?! ***UPDATE -- AGAIN***

I've been wondering this for a little while, but it seems that either my comments are banned from the RQ site, or she has me on moderation. Lately, no matter what I post (good, bad, or ugly - realistic), it doesn't get posted on her site.

My most recent comment I posted this morning and I still haven't seen it up there...hmm. I've since posted another, and that isn't up there either.

I can't exactly say that I'm heartbroken over it, but I find it funny (if not a little pathetic) that this has happened. How funny that she can't handle anyone's opposing views?

Now join me in a little Nelson Muntz-esque laugh...HA HA!

Now watch, all my posts are suddenly going to appear on her site as soon as I hit 'publish post'. :P

***Surprise, comments showed up. I'm sure that I'm being moderated. Why else would it take 12+ hours to get my comments up? I didn't even write anything that was that 'controversial'. Weird.

Oh, and by the way, David in a way I take it as a 'badge of honour' but also I think it's utterly ridiculous that she's that worried about what little ol' me is going to say. Honestly, how sad is it that she has this kind of time to devote to censoring what I'm going to say when she has thousands of readers? Is the RQ army going to attack me because I disagree...and do I really care? ;)

If it weren't so pathetic, it would probably be a little funny...***

*** posted that comment from "RQ" made me spit my coffee out all over my snazzy new iMac. :P***


Dolores and Shawn said...

You're such a trouble maker. I knew it from the first time I met you :)

Mamacita said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

David said...

I, too, was banned at one time at the RQ site after leaving some "opposing views." I took it as a badge of honor.

MotherMotherOcean said...

What did you do, disagree with her? Whatever!

Doris & Dan said...

You rabble, rouser you!!

Keep smilin!

LaLa said...

What a bad little girl you are...ha ha

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, no soup for you! I have never heard of anyone being banned. Interesting, she's getting sensitive.

RQ said...

To be quite honest, you are simply too much woman for the site. I prefer to have small minded people comment as they are much easier to deal with than anyone who has half a brain. I apologize, but if your IQ is higher than that of a "squirrel holding his/her nuts" then you may not be welcome there. All you have to do is bow down to me and all will be forgiven. You will still be moderated, but at a much quicker pace.

Mamacita said...


secret agent said...

my coffee about went flying too!
banned from what?????????
opposing views on NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL?

but in here defense........your bang bang comment

though hysterical

quite possibly put you in the terrorist category

secret agent said...

that's in her defense

I really must use spell check

Rhonda said...

Oh that 'bang bang' comment was hysterical...come on. ;)

Amanda said...

Have heard of several people that I consider to be pretty awesome going moderated or being banned from idea what kind of time must go into being so insecure.

Loved the comment from "RQ" here!

Wendy @ said...

I have had the same darn thing happen! Are we being moderated??

Sam said...

You bad bad girl!!! I guess I'm not real shocked as I've met you in person!

Sam said...

BTW, thanks for not moderating my comments!