Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow day! ***UPDATE***

Holy hell people, I haven't seen snow like this in *YEARS*. I'd take a picture, but well, there's just too much and it would be hard to get a perspective with it falling as hard as it is (and I'm too cozy inside). ;)

We've gotten *at least* a foot, if not more so far, it's about knee-high right now. They were saying that the snow was falling at a rate of about 2-5 centimetres (roughly 1-2 inches) an hour. Personally I think it was a lot more than that. Josh has done our driveway four times already and it still needs to be done at least once more. Luckily, he bought one of those power shovels, so it's not as bad for him to go out there and do it. He was going to get one of those $400+ snow blowers, but since we haven't had really bad snowstorms in years, he didn't think we would need it...oops.

He went out this morning to do the driveway and by the time he got to the bottom, he looked back and it looked like he hadn't even touched it. So each time he goes out, he ends up having to do the driveway twice. I know this because I've been watching him from inside our nice warm and cozy house. ;)

We saw one of our neighbours doing their driveway, he has to be a man in his mid-70s (give or take), so we thought we would do the neighbourly thing and offer to do his driveway, or at least let him borrow our power shovel. He turned us down and said that shovelling the snow was "good for me". Well, we tried...

I called my boss (my FIL) earlier today and asked what we were going to be doing tomorrow as far as work was concerned. After much hemming and hawing, he decided that I should call the patients and cancel tomorrow's day out. I called all the patients, but the last one surprised me.

I told her that her appointment was cancelled because of the weather, and she said "well it's only Sunday afternoon, the weather is going to clear up". This was coming from a woman who lived in the Barrie area (about an hour or so north of us, and they probably got the same, if not more snow than we did). She said "I've waited for a week for this appointment". I felt like saying "Lady, if you want to show up at the office, feel free, but nobody's going to be there...", but I held back. I couldn't believe my ears that she was trying to argue to have the doctor come in, in weather like this. She should try to get an appointment with another physician and see how long she'll wait...

Some people.

***Well, I just did our driveway...that makes five times it's had to be done...FIVE! Oh yeah, and it's still snowing. By the way, running a power shovel with a migraine is FUN. I recommend it to everyone. Ugh.***


Headmeister said...

Snow here too, but not NEARLY that much! I say you have the right idea by staying inside!

Dolores and Shawn said...

Snow sucks, wind sucks, cold sucks, winter sucks. I'm going to become a bear and start to hibernate.

kerri said...

We have at least a foot(probably more!!)here in London.
The girls love the snow, they played in it for a bout an hour today while Daddy shovelled(snow blower decided it didn't want to run!!??).
I am with Dolores, hibernation sounds heavenly.

Catherine said...

It sure did snow didn't it?!! I did my little driveway 5x too and like you decided to help out. It was my friend's dad's birthday and I knew they were out for lunch so I took the opportunity to go over and shovel their driveway. Very thankful for an electric shovel as it still took over an hour even with that.

So, so pretty!