Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking a trip down memory lane...

I've decided to break my long held rule and post a picture of myself. Heh. If you know me, you can probably pick me out of that photo. Sadly I haven't changed much in the 28 (probably grade three or so) years since it was taken. There's a reason why I'm posting it.

I was on Facebook this week and out of the blue I got contacted by a couple of people I haven't seen in 25 years...since public school. Yup, grade six, people. For the mathematically challenged, I'll be 37 this year. ;)

One thing led to another and a bunch of other people started contacting me, and I contacted other people and things kind of mushroomed from there. Well, now it looks like next month we're going to be putting together a reunion of sorts. How freaky is that? The world works in mysterious ways, doesn't it?

The one thing that everyone has been saying to me after "Oh my G-d! Rhonda!", is "Are you married?" and "Do you have any kids?"

So far I've been avoiding that proverbial landmine by saying "not yet", I mean it's a safe answer and sort of the truth. Technically, she's not here, yet. It's not like I'm going to tell them my life story on Facebook, but what should I tell them when I see them next month? In a way I'm asking for advice, but also I'm just sort of venting, you know?

I know a few of you think I'm crazy for going to the reunion, period, but I think it's going to be a hoot to see these people after all this time.


waitingformaddie said...

My response is always

"Nope no kids but I DO have two cats" followed by a big smile.

Makes them wonder...

You should have a great time next month. Have fun!

3D said...

I say enjoy your night & keep the adoption under your hat. Less invading questions.

Keep smilin!