Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bullet train...

* SO glad that the weather has finally turned nice(r)!

* Wednesday we got our new windows in the house! We got new kitchen windows, a new sliding door (our previous one was shnackered), and a new window in "Little Maple's" room (sigh). The sliding door that we used to have was put in backwards, I've never seen such a bad job done. It had two glass doors and a screen door (doesn't sound so odd, does it?) The problem with it was that the screen door was in between the two glass doors...and none of them closed and/or locked properly. The previous kitchen windows never closed properly either...we could open them, but then they wouldn't shut straight. With the window in "Little Maple's" room, we always wondered why the room was so bloody cold and when it was frigid outside we wondered why there were icicles hanging down from the frame. Well, when the installers removed the window, we saw a REALLY big crack in the glass (that could only be seen when it was taken down). Gotta love that.

* On Friday Josh and I got our flower garden going. We planted red, pink and white impatiens. I figure this is going to be a yearly occurrence until our adoption comes to fruition, you know, since I'm so bloody impatient...yeah, I know, lame joke. We also planted some victoria blue and white snapdragons. Woo.

* Saturday we had a FANTASTIC time with Lisa, Craig and their daughters K & S, and we can't thank them enough for the fun times we had. :)

* We went there for 3:30 in the afternoon and didn't leave until about 11:00. We had a great time visiting with them and playing with S, and talking to K. Because of them, I'll never think of cough lozenges or "girlfriends" the same way ever again...

GOOD times, GREAT people.

* Speaking of good times and great people, we're just over two weeks away from our vacation to see this fantabulous couple. WE.CANNOT.WAIT!


M and M said...

Our screen is in between our two glass this not how it should be? I wouldn't have a clue!

Glad your vacation is coming up quickly! Take some pictures of Jinx as her parents don't post enough of them!! LOL!

Lisa said...

Glad you have a new look on life with your new windows. That is weird about your slidding doors though.

We had a great time too. ~cough, cough~

I wish we could go with you guys to see Dolores, Shawn and Jinx.

3D said...

Home renos are a pain but worth it in the end.

Take mucho pics of your time out west.

Keep smilin!