Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This and that...

If you remember this post, you'll remember that we recently got some new windows in the house. After the installers left, I noticed that there was a piece of plastic that appears to be lodged between the two panes. It's nothing major and it doesn't affect the functionality of the window, but it's a bit of an eyesore...at least to me.

I had Josh call the company to discuss it and they eventually called back last week that they would send someone out this week. It all seems so straightforward, right?

This morning I got a call from the window manufacturer and he said that he would be in the area this evening and wanted to take a look at it. He asked me where the piece of plastic is and I told him where. He asked how big it was, and again, I told him. He then asked me to go to the window, stand about ten feet back and tell him if I notice the mark. I told him I did.

He then went on to say that because of its location "industry standards allow for debris to be in the window as long as it is not in your line of sight." (Excuse me while I call "bullshit" on that).

I told him that while I appreciate that, I ordered the windows to be free of defects and wanted to know what they would do about it. He said he'd take a look this evening and let me know.

He arrived around 7:15 and took a look at it and noticed the mark right away. He stood back his magical ten feet and still saw it. He said that they could bring the installers back, pop out the window and install a new one at no charge. While I want to do that, I'm just afraid that once the seal is broken, the window won't be as effective (we got them filled with argon gas). I asked him if he could do something with the price, but since he's the manufacturer and not the company that sold it to us, he couldn't. Hey, I had to try. ;)

I said that we'd think about changing the glass, but I think we're going to let sleeping dogs lie. He noticed that the windows were not cleaned properly, and I asked him that if we didn't do anything about the glass, could they send someone out and properly clean the windows. He told me that "installers aren't responsible for that...and anyways, no man can clean glass as well as a woman." Ques'que fuck!? Ex-squeeze me? How freaking sexist is that? I shot him such a look and he then said "Oh, I didn't mean anything by it." Yeah right, buddy...

The day wasn't an entire washout (no pun intended), we had our eaves trough and downspouts cleaned. FUN! The guys went up on our roof and they noticed that we lost a rather large piece of shingle (about three feet) and that there was plywood showing. They told me that they would replace it for FREE! Woo hoo! How awesome is that? I'd link to the company, but unfortunately they don't have a website...but if anyone needs a good roofing/eaves trough cleaning company, just ask. :)


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I will go with the eaves but the window company... screw them... don't like the sound of those people... at least you now know you can clean windows better then a man :)

Lisa said...

There always seem to be adventures going on with you two. Can't wait to see the new windows myself when I come over for your candle party. Should I bring glass cleaner and some paper towel?

3D said...

Seems like that there are bozo's and good guys too. Hope it all works out!

Keep smilin!