Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three years...

This month starts my third (and final) bracelet. I chose this charm as it corresponded with our three year LIDiversary, and what is more fitting than a cake with three candles in it? I *had* to get it, didn't I? ;)

We've both been feeling down as we approached our three year LIDiversary and we knew we didn't want to be alone, so we invited some of our very good friends Lisa and Craig and Mark and Michelle over for veggie matzah lasagna, salmon and (what else) cake. Mmmm. (Those that weren't able to come here tonight were dearly missed.)

The day was made all the sweeter when we were able to Skype and talk to Nic, Tim and Zubin, though Zubin really didn't want any of it. ;)

Some of the highlights of the evening were when Sienna told everyone that she's "two point five" years old. How cute is that? Drinking "Golden Flow" orange juice...tasty. Having a wonderful time with wonderful people who feel more like family than friends.

I don't think we could have made it through the last three years of this interminable wait without all of you, both near and far.

The funny thing is, Josh never wanted me to start a blog in the first place. I can't imagine going through this wait without the incredibly strong friendships we've made because of it...or how crazy we'd be without it.

Thanks to Red Sand for tweaking the image so I could put it on our LIDiversary cake.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I was thinking of you today... we are on the 13th, too, so I always think of y'all every month. And I knew today was your three year. Love the charm and hoping you won't have too many more of them.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you got to "celebrate" with friends. I know it's not much of a celebration with ever year that goes by.

3D said...

3 Years Done and a no better way to commemorate that with sweet friends.

Keep smilin!

Lisa said...

Thanks for including us in this celebration. I'm soooo glad you went ahead and started a blog. Otherwise we would have missed out on having you guys as great friends. We feel like you're part of our family too.

Little Maple will be one blessed child being loved in your family.


P.S. Sienna feel asleep when we hit the end of your street. I guess the sugar from the cake wore off.

Red Sand said...

You were in my thoughts too. So grateful you are out there in my blogosphere.

Special K said...

3 years... what can I say? We definitely should win some awards for patience. :)

M and M said...

It was a good night! Thanks for dinner and the company!

Michele said...

Happy 3 years? I only wish the end our your journey was in sight. Hugs to you.