Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm confused.

Donna here.

I honestly don't read the RQ site - never have. I had a boo a couple of weeks ago after getting a question from Rhonda on the homestudy update thing. I just checked it again after speaking to a family who read something on there that they wanted clarification on.

According to the RQ, apparently there's a note posted on the CCAA website saying that it IS alright to do concurrent adoptions.


I have to tell you - I'm confused. We were told last week that this was NOT allowed.

I've sent an email to the "powers that be", asking for clarification on this. I will let you know what I find out.


bmxmom said...

Can't wait to hear what you find out :)

MotherMotherOcean said...


Recently we received mail and phone calls with respect to families who are currently LID with CCAA. The questions have centered on what CCAA would do if waiting parents either get pregnant or adopt another child (from China or other country) during the waiting period

Due to the fact that CCAA has a very structured program, with a rigorous and complete legal process, it has gained a great reputation with regards to it?s international adoption program. Many foreigners choose to adopt in China for this reason. As a result adoption applications have increased significantly in recent years. As China?s economy improves, as the number of children in the care of social welfare institutions decreases, and as domestic adoption increases, the demand for adoption exceeds the children avaliable for international adoption. Thus, international adoption time lines continue to grow longer and longer. It is important for international adoption parents to take this into consideration.

If adopting parents get pregnant, or adopt another child during the waiting period, CCAA absolutly understands and respects if the parents wish to terminate your application for adoption with China. CCAA will work with adoption organizations to return applications or to temperarily stop the adoption process. [I read this as a message to agencies that they will not be penalized by CCAA if this happens, which is good because I think some of the draconian views of agencies have been motivated by a sense of penalty from CCAA if applications are withdrawn for this sort of reason]

If adopting parents get pregnant or adopt another child during the waiting period and still want to complete the adoption process with CCAA, we encourage parents to think through and be prepared for the additional time and effort required to insure you still meet China program requirements in light of the addition to your family. In addition, we encourage you to please make sure you feel you are able to provide the most proporiate and healthy family environment considering your addition to your family and are confident you will be able to meet the following requirements:
1) The waiting family who has had a family addition through pregnancy or through another adoption must have sufficient waiting period between their last addition and a referral through their current adoption application with China. [note: it is not specified what the waiting period is in this letter, so that needs clarification from your agency. I?ll bet the 12 month separation time that China has traditionally applied within it?s own program will be what applies]

2) Continue to meet all adoption requirements as set forth by CCAA. [and no, it is not specific if this means as of your LID, or what. I would suggest that as long as your application has not been pulled from the NSN LID queue, then you are under the requirements at the time of your LID, but you need to check with your agency on this]  

3) Adopting parents must notify the CCAA about a pregnancy, or their application for another adoption, via their adoption organization that is handling their current China adoption. In addition, after the birth or the adoption from other country, they must provide a notorized report about the new family status through a certified social worker. [I read this as an updated Home Study needs to be sent to China]

All adoption organizations are required to have a clear awareness and understanding of the family situation of each waiting family. Adoption organizations must proactively and in a timely manner provide CCAA with updated family information. CCAA and adoption organizations together must make sure both the adoptee and adopting parents rights are fully compliant and protected under the law.


MotherMotherOcean said...

there it is!

Catherine said...

As I understand it, it's a new policy just put out by CCAA in the past few days. mothermotherocean has provided the interpretation.

Sadly, for those of us in Ontario, even in CCAA says it's ok I still believe that our province is not allowing it. Hopefully that will change too given the long wait times.

kerri said...

Living in Ontario, it is my belief this is not allowed by the powers of the province.

Donna Paonessa said...

But it HAS been allowed in the past in Ontario (to do a domestic adoption while in process for an international, provided there was enough gap in timing and ages).

Still waiting to hear back - they're investigating.