Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Information Update (*updated*)

Hi all - Donna (Paonessa) here.

I thought you should all know about some new information that I just received since it was one of the topics of discussion on here a while ago. Rhonda has given me permission to post.

I know you're all down about the process right now so I certainly hate to add insult to injury, but better that you always have correct information.

Some of you have asked if you can be in process to adopt from more than one place. In the past it has been allowed (in Ontario) to adopt domestically at the same time as being in process to adopt internationally. This has now changed (insert spit balls here).

The CCAA is now saying that an adoption application has to be withdrawn if a family would like to pursue a domestic or another international adoption. I'm not sure if this goes for the United States as well (since this is a CCAA rule, I'm assuming it does, but best that you all check with your respective agencies).

The good (!!!!?????) news is that if someone gets pregnant while being in process to adopt from China, the file can stay as is, as long as the family is not close to referral. In the past a family had to withdraw from the CCAA right away. The CCAA requires that there is a 1 yr age difference between your children.

Lastly, I think someone asked me some questions about South Africa that I never did answer. If you want to post them again, go for it.

Ontario CB families - Martha is still waiting to talk to the Ministry folks about the new homestudy guidelines. They're all in meetings for the early part of this week. She has put together an email blast that Nick will send out tonight. Just to clarify, these guidelines have been implemented by the Ministry, NOT the CCAA.

**update** - Martha is still in discussion with the Ministry who apparently will be sending something further out to the AP's - the email blast will not go out until we have further info (I KNEW I shouldn't have said anything yet!! Should've stuck to my initial instincts).

I'll exit stage left now - please don't shoot the messenger! Just thought it was important info for you all to have.

Take good care of yourselves.


Janet said...

We won't shoot the messenger, Donna. But it sucks. :-(

Carla said...

Not going to shoot the messenger, and I have a feeling this is going to make huge waves in the China adoption community.

Now if Sept 2006 would just leave the review room already....

Mamacita said...

Donna, thanks for the info. Do you mind me asking how we know that it is a CCAA policy change? Is it one of those blurbs written in Chinese on their website? Has this information been released to agencies?

Beth said...

No shooting the messanger here either.
Thanks for the communcation I was wondering why CB hadn't put out a message yet. Now I have an answer and I much prefer them to check the info before posting it.

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

"I think someone asked me some questions about South Africa that I never did answer." I was wondering if some of the programs that are currently only offered to Ontario families might be available to families in other provinces. We've been told that it is up to the families to identify country programs and submit them for provincial consideration...

MotherMotherOcean said...

Our US agency has not heard this. We called yesterday. I don't doubt that they will need to address this.

Personally, I think they NEED a policy posted.