Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hi all - Donna here.

1. Is the new rule about not allowing concurrent adoptions effective immediately or after a certain date?

- my understanding is that it is effective immediately. CB families, you could call the office and check with Susanne on that though.

2. Is this the CCAA's attempt to purge the waiting list?

- no idea.

3. When will CB be sending an email about the homestudy updates?

- sorry, no idea. Money wise, unless they've changed the requirements since they first sent out the notice, I believe you'll need to pay for a homestudy update visit with your AP (and they all charge differently - maybe around $200 or so??), and for your medicals, IF your doctor charges for those. Lastly local police clearances - IF you have to pay for those in your area - some charge, some don't.

I really hope that some day I'm posting wonderful awesome news on here - I feel like the "doom and gloom" person. :-(((

Happy Halloween???


amy said...

Interesting..Thanks for sharing the questions and answers

Beth said...

Okay Donna, another question. The idea that we are going to need to update our information with the Ministry has been a rumour for a couple of weeks now. Why hasn't CB sent a memo? There are a lot of people out there who don't blog or go to RQ. I think the CB really should let them know that something is coming even if the final details haven't been hammered out. I tried to ask Susanne but she is out of the office from Oct 31 to Nov 5.