Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Customer service?! ***UPDATE***

Josh had to go away for business this morning and called a limo a couple days ago to make sure it was here. You'd think that was a done deal right? Well if that were so, then you wouldn't be reading this post. :)

He called a company he hadn't dealt with before (big mistake) and made the limo 'reservation' for 5:00 am...ugh. (I've been up pretty much all night, I rarely sleep the night before he goes away, but that's a side issue.)

Anyways, he got up, had breakfast, said goodbye to Deuce and waited at the front door at 4:55 for the limo and expected it to arrive any second.


He called the company and said that they were late (limos should really be early at best, if not arrive right on time). So the guy said the limo would arrive momentarily. Josh said that was unacceptable and asked for another one to be sent.

We both got a funky feeling from the guy on the other end of the phone (who probably never sent the second limo). Around 5:05 I called the company and the asshat said "the limo is on your street and he will be at your door in less than a minute." He also said that Josh must have called their downtown Toronto dispatch number instead of the number we just dialed because he had no record of it. Umm, ex-squeeze me? I think we know which number we dialed...

Now for those of you who have been to my place, you know I live on a VERY small street (for those of you who haven't...there are about 10 houses on my street), and since I was using a cordless phone I was standing outside during this call and told him that I was looking up and down the street and saw no limo. I asked him "would you like to tell me another story since you're so good at making them up?" (Yeah, I was feeling bitchy...I hadn't had my coffee and I was up all night.)

At that point he hung up on me. Heh.

I then called up a taxi, but about ten minutes later the limo arrived. Isn't it funny how "less than a minute" translated into ten minutes?!

I had half a mind to send him away and wait for the taxi...but Josh was getting antsy and it wouldn't really be a great idea if he had missed his flight just so we could rub it in to the limo company...(but it would have felt SO good).

So, off he went, 20 minutes late. He'll still get there in plenty of time. It'll take him about 20-25 minutes to get to the airport and he's taking a domestic flight at 7:00 am.

***It's 6:20 am and Josh just called from the airport and he's through security. He thought I (and by extension, all of you, would be amused by the following):

1. He arrived safe and sound at the airport at 5:40. He said he was REALLY glad that he got his boarding pass online. Thank goodness for Westjet.

2. The limo driver had a GPS. So yeah, he was probably never given the order...or he had his head up his ass. I think it's a bit of the former and A LOT of the latter. We are SO never using this company again...

3. When he was given the receipt by the driver (which he needs so he can expense it back to the organization he works for), it had a different name than the company he originally called. Methinks there's something rotten in the State of Denmark. ;) ***


Dolores and Shawn said...

The important thing is he got to the airport on time and made his flight. Lesson learned though.

Lisa said...

See what you get for changing limo companies? They're probably all the same one anyway. LOL Glad he got to the RIGHT airport.