Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beware the mighty hamsterosaurus!


Juliette said...


kerri said...

Adorable, almost makes me want to change my mind on the whole "I want a hamster(gerbil)Mom, please"

Anonymous said...

I was out of town so I couldnt respond to you earlier.

I'm sorry I offended you with my post. I do have a large problem with the Chinese governemnt in general and any government that restricts its people in such a hard handed way. I have family that lived under communism and still lives under a very restricted regime outside the US and I am particularly disgusted when govenments attempt to pander to people by waving pieces of paper in their faces that "give" then some right that all people should have naturally, all (imo) as an act of fake beneveolence.

My husbands government in his home country recently made an announcement that it would give 500dollars to all citizens living aborad if they would move back. My husband and I were insulted. That same government also jailed three of our friends for taking part in a pro-democracy movement after clearly unfair and rigged elections. It makes me angry to see people treated in such a way, and while I am shocked at the level of distruction in china, and sorrowful over people who have lost loved ones, and may never get over that, I am still deeply offended and outraged that the governement would wave its power around like that. It disgusts me.

THats my thinking. I should have worded it better, but I didnt make that choice and I regret it. I am sorry that I offended you and I hope that you can forgive me.