Saturday, May 17, 2008

I got an apology...

If you remember how I mentioned that Edelman, the non-florist's PR firm read my blog but didn't comment on it, well, they staked out my blog (my statcounter told me so) on Thursday and I got a personal email from them...and it wasn't a canned apology.

They not only apologized for the "non-mom mom" thing, but they also mentioned that they tried to leave a comment here, but my blog kept crashing their computers. I've tried fixing that problem before and I thought I had a handle on it, but I did giggle a little that their computers crashed. I know, I know, that's just wrong...but yet, it's so right. :)

I thought about posting her email on here, but I decided not to. The general gist of her email was that the category name was an 'oversight', and she doesn't know if Teleflora will do this program again next year. I certainly hope they don't...or at least if they do, someone takes some sensitivity training, or grows a brain. ;)

I will, however, post my response. I was feeling a little cheeky, and felt that they shouldn't really get off 'easy'.

Thank you for responding about this issue. While I appreciate the apology, it's really not what I was looking for; the situation never should have occurred in the first place. The adoption community is still very upset by the entire situation, I can't even put into words how upsetting it was to see those words in print.

I would like to share with you one thing that I saw for Mother's Day, a company that got it 'right' with regards to both Mother's Day and international adoption. Perhaps Teleflora and Edelman could learn a valuable lesson from this?

Thank you again for taking the time to personally respond.

Rhonda -
Just a Mom-in-waiting

Yeah, that's right, I sent them the link to the Pearle Vision ad. I figured that would be the end of the emails. Surprisingly I heard back from the rep at Edelman again and she loved the ad and thanked me for sending it to her.

So, I've said my piece about it. I'm still miffed, but I'll get over it. I still won't use Teleflora ever again. No amount of apologies can sway my opinion on that...


Dolores and Shawn said...

Good for you! I hope they got the point.

redmaryjanes said...

Well, it seems like Edelman is a good company with good people. I am still not convinced about Teleflora. I think they should be apologizing for themselves instead of having someone else do know how I feel about it : )
I like your letter though and I REALLY like that you got their attention!

kerri said...

Teleflora will never , ever see my business again.
Your letter is terrific, wish there hadn't of been a need to write in in the first place.
Pearle Vision, hats off to you, awesome job...

Lisa said...

Rhonda, well done! You certainly got your point accross will class.

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

I love the letter you sent, you got your point across in a tasteful manor. I believe this situation brings up the feeling of ... “you can forgive but never you’ll never forget”.

They will never get my business either.

Smiles! :o)