Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spitgirl's call to the world!

Spitgirl here.

As many of you know, I am an occasional singer/songwriter, less so now that I have things like gainful employment and a husband that likes to eat dinner every now and then. And many of you were kind enough to stop by my music blog and tell me you liked what I was writing.

About three weeks ago, I decided to apply to a songwriting contest, mostly because I was being surprisingly spontaneous and feeling rather brave. In the following week, I went back and forth between being brave and chickening out... and then I found out I got in. So I submitted my bio and photo - all the while waffling wildly between doing it and not doing it - and then got the rules.

The rules were: 1 minute theme song of a fictional TV show starring "you or your band." I hemmed, stalled, brainstormed, complained to my patient husband, and basically came to the conclusion that I would write a song entitled: "BLACK BELT: UNDERCOVER SPY."

That wasn't the song I ended up with.

Due to various time and technical constraints (cooking for 14-20 people in a kitchen with one oven was verrrry interesting this past weekend), I ended up writing a very sappy love song entitled "Cubicle Gopher," which I pitched to Rhonda and others as "a very John Denver song." On a side note, I did meet my husband at work, and we both had cubicles, and... well, it's a long story of how we eventually got together.

So, to make a long story short, I'm in a contest, Rhonda has given me permission to post on the blog soliciting YOUR VOTE for me! I have cast aside all semblance of anonymity for this, so here is my debut:

Vote for Elaine Chao Finnell in the MASTERS OF SONG FU Competition!

If I make it in the top 5, I go on to Round 2!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Have voted for ya... good luck...

Wendy said...

SWEEEEEEEEEEET! Can I get an autograph now???

MotherMotherOcean said...

I didnt read this right and I thought Rhonda was the one writing songs and submitting them.

Very cool that you do this.