Monday, April 06, 2009

Adventures in Batavia!

We went into Buffalo this weekend and met up with Nic, Tim and Zubin. We had an amazing time, as usual with them. I swear Zubin gets cuter every single time we see him.

We met up at the Boulevard Mall, walked around for a little bit and then headed out for lunch at Red Pepper (Chinese/Vietnamese cuisine). Zubin had a bit of a hard time at the restaurant and wanted to walk instead of sit...hey, he's two, what do you expect?;)

Tim ended up having to take Zubin home and we got his lunch to go.

After lunch we went to Target so I could find some lipstick for my mom. Whenever we go to the States, I always end up doing shopping for my mom. If it's not shoes, it's make-up. Go figure...

Anyways, they didn't have her stuff, so I just ended up with a box of peeps. Sadly, I've never had the pleasure of eating Peeps before and I got devil peeps (bright red ones). Mmmm tasty. Nic ended up getting Finding Nemo for Zubin. Apparently he's a little too into Cars and she wanted him to expand his proverbial horizons. ;)

On the way to Target, we passed what I can only imagine is the largest Christmas store...evah! I was tempted to go in for shits and giggles, but since I wasn't going to go and buy anything (for obvious reasons), we ended up not going in...there's always next time though. ;)

We drove back to their place and sat in for Finding Nemo. I've never seen the movie before and it was actually pretty good. While we were watching the movie, I broke open the peeps and Nic said I should give one to Zubin.

...not a good idea.

About an hour later she took him to the bathroom where he wanted to take off his clothes. Not just socks and shoes...I mean everything. He was running all around the front room of the house. It was really cute. ;)

When Tim went to put his pajamas on, he had a bit of a meltdown. Poor little guy.

Memo to me: sugar and toddlers are not a good combination...


PIPO said...

That's when it just starts getting fun (when someone else's kid eats the sugar ;0)

My girl thoroughly enjoys some nudity time too.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Sugar is great if you get to hand them back.

Anonymous said...

No sugar the next day and he was fine.
Had a great time with you all. See you for Mother's Day.

Michele said...

I know that kid loves to be naked, but what kid doesn't. I don't know of one. Too funny that you had never had Peeps before. They have been a part of Easter for as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

Good memo.

Lisa said...

Too funny. Glad you had a good time. For Kaileigh Dr. Pepper is like speed. Sienna still hasn't had too much chocolate. She has enough energy.

Sam said...

Now do you understand the name of my blog ("Just Keep Swimming")???? My computer and blog are back up and running!!! YIPPEEE!!!! OH, how I hav missed you!