Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy day!

The day started out, as usual, checking my emails sitting in quiet reflection and pondering life, when I noticed an email from Catherine. She mentioned that there was an attachment seminar taking place this afternoon. What great timing! After all, I wrote a post yesterday, asking for book suggestions.

We got to the seminar a little late, which was no big deal. The speaker was really terrific and gave a lot of information about attachment disorders and how to handle them. She also gave some book recommendations (some of which are on the lists you all provided). By the way, if any of you still want to suggest some books, please do so here. I'd like to keep all the book suggestions on one post so I can refer back to them. Even if the book you suggest is already on the list, please leave me a comment on that post. :)

After the seminar, we met up with Lisa, Craig, and their daughters K & S for dinner. We went back to Boston Pizza (HI RYAN) and had a wonderful dinner. We used up the last of the coupons (hint hint, nudge nudge) that were sent to us by Ryan. If you don't remember that story, you can read about it here, here, here, or here. ;)

We spent over three and a half hours (which did NOT feel like that much time had passed) and we talked about everything under the sun - topics related to adoption and not.

When we got to the restaurant we made sure that we got our 'usual' waiter, Karlos, who is a really nice guy. We ended up telling him that we were adopting from China and he asked for both of our blog addresses and he said he was going to come by and say hi.

So, in case you are reading this...HI KARLOS! :)

I had to include a picture of Lisa hijacking the forks and a plate, in case Ryan comes back to the blog... :)


Lisa said...

Really Rhonda they "fell" into my purse. I was just putting them back on the table.

We had a blast tonight. I agree it didn't seem like 3 and a half hours. I didn't want the night to end.

Hey Ryan got anything to entice us to go back for another visit???

3D said...

Lisa is a hoot! Sounds like a great day!

Keep smilin!

K said...

Hey Guys its Karlos. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. See you next time!.

Catherine said...

It was good to see you Saturday. So much info to learn and wade through. Attachment is such an important subject and even though it's not easy to think about I think we're doing a good thing trying to prepare as we're able in advance. I'll let you know when I order those materials.

Glad you enjoyed your dinner! Mmmm...Boston Pizza!

redmaryjanes said...

Thanks for the heads up on the swine flu. I just can't believe it.