Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Answers to your burning questions...

It's taken me a little while to get back to this post, but faithful readers (HA!) have no fear...

1. Nic, I should have known you would ask something like this. I actually feared it would be something more personal, so I think I got away with a fairly tame question. They're white. :P

2. M&Mand Johnny asked why there are no pics of me online. I'm a fairly private person, and really, that's the only reason. Honest. Also, I hate how I look in pictures - I think I got that from my dad. He hated himself in pictures, but then again, he was always the one taking them...

Oh, and no, I'm not in the Witness Protection's the Blogger Protection Plan. I'm thinking, just thinking (since I have a few more years to go), that I'll post a pic of us when we get our referral. So until then, you'll just have to let your imagination wander.

Until that time, just picture this but aged about 30 years...

3. Juliette was wondering when we're coming out to visit her. Perhaps in the summer we might take a road trip...we'll see how things work out. :)

4. TM (since I don't know your real name - I think you're more secretive than I am) asked a bunch of questions...

My first memory, that's a hard one. I have disparate memories of my childhood, but two stick out. I remember being in Vancouver and visiting my aunt and uncle in 1976. Why do I remember that? Because I got the whooping cough while I was there and when I came back to Toronto, I got my tonsils out. Gotta love ice cream...I also remember being at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and going down the HUGE slide that they had there. I'm sure if I looked for one, I could find a pic from back in the day. I know there's one of my brother and me in our ever-so-stylish army-style outfits, but I think he'd kill me if I posted it. ;)

Another memory that sticks out is making lokshen (egg noodles) with my maternal grandmother. We used to stand in her kitchen and roll it out and cut it. Of course mine would be REALLY wide, but apparently they were the best she ever had. Ah, how I miss her. I can't believe it's going to be 11 years that she's gone this Mother's Day.

Now another question that TM asked was five things I really want to do when our child comes home. How can I narrow it down to JUST five? Wow. That's like naming your favourite star in the sky.

I can't wait until we can introduce her to the family. I can't wait until we can hug and kiss a child we have loved for so long, who is only a dream right now. I can't wait until we can do a "feet cake" with her. You know, let her just go nuts with a cake and get as messy as she wants. I can't wait until we can read her bedtime stories. I can't wait until I can hear the words "mommy" and "daddy". Is that sappy enough?

The last question from TM was to name my most embarrassing memory. It might not be THE most embarrassing moment, but it certainly ranks up there.

My brother (AKA Ugly) and I were sitting down to breakfast one day. He was having his cereal, and I was eating Cocoa Puffs. (Is it any shock to any of you that I'm a hard and fast chocoholic? I started really young.) Anyways, he was making me laugh. Not just a guffaw, but I mean a real huge laugh. I don't remember what it was about, but all I DO remember is that I laughed so hard that I shot the Cocoa Puffs through my nose. In their entirety. Yes, whole Cocoa Puffs went flying through my nose and all over the kitchen table. Can we say pain? ;)

5. Wendy asked how much cake I eat in a year and what my favourite kind is. Well, before this cake tradition started, I didn't really eat all that much cake. Now we eat cake once a month. Just so you all know, we do NOT eat the whole cake. We usually have friends/family over to join us...I just wanted to clear that up. ;)

My favourite cake would have to be anything chocolate-y. As long as it doesn't have cherries in it, I despise cherries. So black forest cake is definitely out as far as I'm concerned.

6. Jen and Bill asked what is my favourite candy bar and soda. I'd have to say it's either Kit Kat or O Henry. As far as soda (and yes, we say pop here) is concerned. I'd have to go with Diet Pepsi, Orange Crush or Grape Fanta. Yeah, I can't decide between the three.

7. Kerri asked if I could dine with anyone who would it be and why? If it could be anyone, I'd have to say my late father. Back when I was in grade nine, I took a Family Studies class with Mrs. Brooks (a few people from back in the day, who read the blog should remember that name). Anyways, we were learning how to make a lasagna. My dad and I had plans to make the recipe over the March Break that year, and we were both really looking forward to it. My dad passed away March 7 of that year...the Friday right before the March Break, so we never got the opportunity to make it. Josh and I try to make a lasagna a couple times a year...and every time we make it, it brings back memories of my dad.

8. Dolores asked if I could be a tree, which one would I be...would it be obvious to say maple? ;)

9. Doris asked a bunch of questions...favourite show/food/time of year/chicken or fish/Bath and Bodyworks or Lush? Whew. Ok, I guess I have two favourite shows - House and Desperate Housewives.

My favourite food would have to be Ethiopian...gotta love injera! Josh introduced me to Ethiopian food when he was doing his undergrad degree and he took a very strong interest in African history.

My favourite time of year would probably be summer. I'm SO over winter right now. I need some warmth...

Now for the chicken or fish question, it would be fish, but then again it depends on how it's prepared. I *love* cedar plank salmon, and Josh makes a wonderful salmon a l'orange. He also makes a wonderful salmon in a mushroom sauce. Mmmmm.

Now the last question, whether I like Bath and Body Works or Lush, that's a tough one. Right now I'm really loving Lush, but I can't do without my Bath and Bodyworks shampoo. Choices...choices.

10. Dianne asked me to describe Josh in one word. It's hard to just pick one, but if I have to, I'd have to say "thoughtful".

11. Michele asked what my favourite flower is and what colour. I'd have to say, without exception, it would be pink tulips.

Holy crap, I didn't think this post would be nearly as long as it turned out. If any of you actually finish it, give yourself a gold star. :P


Anonymous said...

I would never ask something that private. But white underwear suits you.

M and M said...

Gold Star for me!!

I think saying you are in the Witness Protection Program sounds cooler!! LOL!!

I have pictures of you that I can sell to the highest bidder.

Michele said...

Ahh the cool things we get to learn about you! If you weren't so far away, I'd head right over and bring you a huge bunch of pink tulips today.

Anonymous said...

Da## I had a camera right there at GNO I could have gotten $$$ for pics. No fair nobody told me that!!!!!!

I finished the whole thing, where is my gold star>

a Tonggu Momma said...

Awesome answers. And not too sappy at all. Plus, it's good to know that you go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!