Saturday, March 07, 2009

23 years

Now I'm not sure if any of you believe in this, but take a moment and read these links that I'm putting up...because I'm a little freaked out about it.

Last year I wrote this post all about signs and the significance that I put in them.

If you remember last May I wrote this post, this post and this post all about the bird's nest that I had in my tree. Check out the pics for some uber cuteness. :)

Well, I walked out of my house today and I found that some other birds had taken over the nest. They haven't laid eggs yet, but there were two of them in there. Wouldn't you know it...they're mourning doves. If I get the chance I'm going to take some pictures...assuming they come back again.

Today marks 23 years since my dad passed are missed now and always.


Michelle said...

That's kind of neat. I've never experienced any kinds of signs since my Mom passed away but I think it might be because I'm not very open to seeing them.

This must be a hard day for you. I'm sorry.

Special K said...

I believe in signs, too. That's a big one. Hugs to you today but I hope you have some peace in what your dad sent you. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe in signs. Cool.

Red Sand said...

Thinking of you.

Juliette said...

Sorry for your Dad but neat for the signs.

Lisa said...

I totally believe that they are signs. How cool is that? I"m sure you miss your dad terribly and you would have been so young when he passed. I'm glad that it's a kind of comfort to a difficult anniversary.
Thinking of you.

Natalie said...

Hi Rhonda. Your blog is so cute. Danielle did mine too!

I totally believe in signs! That's neat and kind of special too!!

Catherine said...

Sorry you're missing your dad. Dad's always hold such a special place in our hearts.


Michele said...

Signs like that are so surreal. Hugs to you and much peace with the memories of your dad.