Saturday, March 21, 2009

I just aged 10 years...

I gave Deuce his pain pill this morning and he started foaming at the mouth and drooling. He walked away from me and the drool was just pouring from his mouth. I freaked out, of course, and yelled at Josh to call the vet. Apparently, the vet said this is a "normal" reaction to bitter tasting pills and cats are just "overly dramatic". It would have been nice if the vet TOLD me about this kind of reaction before it happened. Holy $H!T!!!

I feel so awful for Deuce and that I was the cause of his reaction, he apparently bit into the pill. *sigh*

Right now he's sitting in his room comfortably, he's stopped drooling/foaming and he's (if he could) laughing his ass off at me.

When I give him the pill tonight, I have to coat it with margarine or butter so we avoid this reaction again.


Special K said...

Sounds scary. Don't blame you for the freak out and shame on the vet for not telling you ahead of time.

Hope Deuce gets well soon.

PIPO said...

Lady that would have freaked me out too!

As for the fountain, my brood has had a Drinkwell for ages and they love it. It keeps the water fresher and they are encouraged to drink more. It has certainly helped keep Jake's pee infection issues to a minimum because they stay well hydrated.

Dolores and Shawn said...

It's so hard when our furry babies get sick. Honestly, try the pill pockets, they are amazing!

Janet said...

Um, yeah, I would probably have freaked out too. I usually stuff their pill at the back of their throat. Some cats figure that one out, though. Or scratch the snot out of you. My sister worked in a vet clinic for a while and would wrap the kitties in towels before she would give them a pill. Works for some.

Red Sand said...

Ah, the pill foam. My older cat, no longer with us, was a trooper. He had renal failure and put up with the daily IV bags and needles and the oodles of pills. T-cat, on the other hand, still foams anytime a pill comes near her. I'm sending healing thoughts to Deuce.

3D said...

Poor Deuce and Mummy!

Keep smilin!

Lisa said...

Holy smokes I would have freaked too. You would think with the amount they charge you that they'd give you that free little tidbit of info.

Hope Duce is feeling much better soon.

Poor kitty.

Michelle said...

That would have scared the Sh** out of me.

Although I am enjoying the comment
"Cats are overly dramatic". Ha!

Anonymous said...

Foaming cats are not good.

We once had a crunchy cat. They had put the cat on oxygen and it apparently got under his skin as well. And a few days later, his skin made a crunching sound when we pet him.

Kristy said...

Rhonda no worries, I would have freaked out too and probably alot worse!! I hope he is doing good.

Love, Kristy

Michele said...

Scary I'm sure but I'm glad it wasn't something serious. I know you are taking great care of him and he will be back to his normal self soon.

Gail said...

Oh Rhonda,
I couldn't help but giggle when I read about the foaming.
My cat did the same thing once and sent me in a panic mode.
These fur babies will age us quickly!
I hope Deuce is feeling better...and mama too!! : )