Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Deuce is home!

We went to pick Deuce up this evening and he's (mostly) back to his old self , except he isn't meowing. I think that's probably, well I think so anyways, because he had a tube down his throat during the surgery (it would certainly make sense for a person to have a sore throat after that, so why not a cat?)

I noticed when we brought him home that near the pad on one of his hind paws was shaved, I guess they gave him an injection there. If you click on the picture, you can also see that they shaved his left front leg, that's probably where they gave him his IV. Poor thing, he's really been through a lot.

He doesn't quite have the same energy, so he wasn't interested in playing but who can blame him? He was discharged on meds, again, but this is just to prevent post-op infection and he only has to be on them for five days. They are pretty big pills for a cat, but I managed to get it in him this evening. I tried burying it in his food and made a little 'meatball' out of his canned food...but he's too smart and dug around until he found it. Josh eventually had to pick him up, hold his mouth shut and I squeezed it through the side of his mouth.


Connie said...

Glad the Deuce dude is home and happy!

Mark & Michelle said...

Poor Deuce has been through SO much lately - as have the two of you. I hope things even out REAL soon!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Yeah! Deuce is home! Poor kitty has been thru a lot. He will back to normal soon. They always bounce back.

Keep smilin!

Dad said...

Glad to see that your fur baby is back home with you safe and sound. He is beautiful!

Sam said...

Poor baby!!! My throat would hurt too! Glad your baby is home again!