Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Money doesn't grow on trees

I hate to break this to you, but it's true, money sadly does NOT grow on trees...but don't tell that to the people at the UPS store in my office building.

For those of you that are consistent readers of my blog, you know that Josh and I travelled to Scotland during part of September and October. When we were there, we stayed with a very nice lady at her B&B. Anyways, we really hit it off with her, and actually had a better time with her than with the family, which is unfortunate.

We were shopping on the weekend and decided to send her a Christmas present. She had sent us a little something earlier in the week (and we were going to get her something anyways), so yesterday I took the wrapped package to the UPS store at the office. It was packed in a box with packing peanuts and taped up, etc.

I filled out the order form to have it couriered. I figured 'how expensive could it really be?' So it was being processed and I was told that to send this little package (of different teas and maple sugar cookies--true Canadiana at its best), I could choose two different prices.

I told the guy behind the counter that we don't need a fast service, basically whatever was cheapest since we still had oodles of time for it to get there. If we wanted it to get there 'express' it would be $130 and 'expedited' it would be $115 (plus tax). Ummm...

What the f*ck?!


Considering the package was *worth* about $20, give or take, spending 5-6 times to GET the package to her was absolutely ridiculous. So I asked him how much it would be to just mail it to her and how long it would take to get there. He said it would take about 7 business days and be about $60.00 plus tax which, while still expensive, was a little more reasonable.

So he weighed it and gave me all the paperwork to fill out. I took the package upstairs to the office and filled everything out and then I had a brain wave. Yes, I do have them every now and then...

I called up the post office and asked them how much it would be to mail a package (weighing about 1-2 pounds) to Scotland, and they said it would be about $47 plus tax. Well that's sounding a bit better, now isn't it?

After work I went to a postal outlet and had them weigh it, stamp it and wouldn't you know...to mail it ended up costing $27.55 INCLUDING tax.

I guess it helps to do your homework after all...


Connie said...

Wow...still I'm deciding against that shipping stuff home from China thought. Eeeeeek!

You've probably heard my rant on UPS. They are NOT among my favorite businesses. What can brown do for you? Harumph!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

That is crazy! Brown is def bad for the wallet.

Canada Post may not be the best but they are most cost efficient service.

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

They'll get you every time if you aren't careful! Good for you for doing your homework! How's little Deuce?

Dolores and Shawn said...

That's incredible that they have the nerve to charge as much as they do and half the time they can't even get it there on time.

Mark & Michelle said...

Wow from $130 to $27 - good thing you investigated!!