Friday, December 08, 2006


Ever have days when you feel this this guy?

I finally bit the bullet, figuratively speaking, and decided to get two crowns. I had my appointment today and let's just say that sitting in the dentist's chair for 2.5 hours AND having TMJ is not a fun endeavour.

I had to have seven shots of freezing. To start he gave me three shots and then after the first hour he had to give me another two, and just as he was close to finishing, he had to give me yet another two. After all the freezing I could do the Billy Idol sneer REALLY well.

It wasn't *too* bad, he gave me a few breaks so I could unclench my jaw (and my fists). It was kind of amusing, he told me that if I felt pain during the procedure to raise my left hand so he'd know to stop. I got pins and needles in my pinkie and ring finger on my left hand (from clenching them during the procedure--can you tell I don't like going to the dentist?) So he saw me shaking my left hand and stopped because he thought I was in pain. :P

After he was finished he told me that I have to be on a soft food diet for the next two weeks until the permanent crowns are put in. At least I'll be able to get past my plateau of losing 10 pounds...gotta look on the bright side, right?

The freezing has finally worn off and my teeth are feeling very sensitive (they're sensitive to hot and cold anyways), so breathing is making them tingle...if I could just figure out a way to stop breathing I'll be great! :P


Dolores and Shawn said...

Wow, you've sure been through a lot. I hope you start to heal soon and breathing doesn't hurt so much.

Connie said...

I wouldn't recommend the lack of breathing thing. I don't think you'd look good in a deep shade of blue ;0)

Feel better fast!

Kathy and Joel said...

You poor, sweet girl...Hope you feel better. Sushi is soft and probably wouldn't bother your teeth too much.:)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, doesn't sound fun. I hope you are feeling better soon. Do fresh chocolate chip cookies count as a soft diet??

Rhonda said...

Mmm sushi and chocolate chip cookies as a diet?

Where do I sign up?!

Doris & Dan Clark said... are so brave! I hate freezing. My Brother in law is my dentist and he is Mr Rogers of dentistry and I still hate him having to freeze and drill.

Poor you...tingly teeth & 2 weeks on soft food...load up on jello, pudding and mashed potatoes. Stuff I used to eat when they tightened my braces and I could not eat anything hard.

Keep smilin! (but not too much until the tingling stops!)

Kristine and Shawn said...

Yuck!! Don't you love sounding like Elmer Fudd (sp?)!! I tried to argue for funding after a visit to the dentist. They all laughed hysterically and told me I had no credibility!! Too funny. Feel better!!!!!

Wicked Witch said...

If that was you, you look really sexy with the silver teeth!