Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today (Friday) is Heather's birthday! I asked her a while back when her birthday is, but she doesn't know I'm doing this (I'm sneaky like that). I wonder if she'll get the birthday pressie I sent her in time...and no, it's not a purple mug.

Go to her blog and wish her a happy birthday...

Go on!



It should be amusing, since she has 'comment moderation' on, she's going to get inundated with a bunch of comments in her email (assuming you all go to her blog) wishing her happy birthday and she won't know where it all came from until she visits my blog. :P


Doris & Dan Clark said...


Keep smilin!

Mark & Michelle said...

Mission Accomplished!!

Kathy and Joel said...

You are very sweet...I'm heading over!

Anonymous said...

You are one sneaky Don't worry, I still love you (even more now that I can go buy stuff that will cover up my B.O.!!!) ;)

You are psychotic - you shouldn't have done that, but I'm glad you did :)

Thanks buddy, you rock like KISS in the early 80's!