Thursday, August 23, 2007

Follow-up... ***UPDATE***

Ok, so I FINALLY heard from the new tenant today...I called her at work. ;)

Anyways, she wanted to know how much I wanted for the air conditioners. I told her to come up with a price and she said $50 for both (as I mentioned yesterday). I said I was thinking more along the lines of $100 for one or $150 for both...since they're 11 years old, I figured that price was 'fair'. She asked me to meet her in the middle and accept $75 for both. Umm, I don't know where she learned math, but halfway is NOT $75, nor should I feel obligated to do so.

Then the ultimate insult...

She wanted to know how much I would sell (or rather, how little she would have to spend) the custom blinds for. Now for any of you that have been in our apartment, you know how big the windows are...for those of you haven't been here, the windows are HUUUGE which include a sliding door leading out to both balconies. When we moved in, I think we spent somewhere in the range of $1500-$2000 for the blinds. She wanted to give me a resounding $30-$40 for them. Umm, yeah.

At some point on the weekend I'm putting up a flier in the building and I'll sell them that way, after all they'll fit into any window in the building. Whatever I get for them, I get for them. At this point, I don't really care. I'd rather throw them in the dumpster than for her to walk in and have her whole apartment looked after.

She also asked me when we're leaving the apartment, which is a fair enough question. She said she was under the impression that we would be out on September 1st. I told her that we have the apartment until September 30th to which she replied that she has a mover coming on the 30th. (Pssst, not my problem).

She said if we're moving out on the 30th and the place has to be painted before they move in, when was the super going to do everything? I told her "You know, that's a conversation you should be having with the super, not with me."

When we ended the call, I called up the super and asked him to do me a favour...if/when the new tenant asks when we're moving out (even though he knows it's earlier than the 30th), to tell her that we're staying until the last moment.

I know that's mean, but hey, don't mess with Mama Maple... ;)

***2Kayaks, because I love you, if we dump them I'll post pictures of it.*** :)


Two Kayaks said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you?

I can envision you heading down to the dumpster to get rid of the blinds before she can get her hands on them.

Soon, there will be no super or other tenants to deal with and you will be in your sweet home all by yourselves (and loving it!).

Doris & Dan said...

You go Mama Maple!

Keep smilin!

Dolores and Shawn said...

Chutzpah! Like K1 said, soon, you'll never have to deal with them again. Patience Danielson, patience.

Two Kayaks said...


MonkeysMama said...

Clearly, don't mess with Mama Maple! She sounds like a real piece of work!

Sam said...

Some people have a lot of nerve! Sheesh!!! Next she will want you there to help move her furniture!!! I think you should burn the blinds (if they don't sell) and give her the ashes!

secret agent said...

so rude...
some people are complete morons