Thursday, August 16, 2007

Home Depot can kiss my ass...

Ah, now I feel better!

So I put in a phone call to Home Depot on Monday to try to get a painter in tonight since we have access to the house.

(I've been busy on the phone. We also have someone who is going to give us a quote on carpet and another one for blinds tonight as well...I wanted to be efficient and get all three done at once).

Anyways, I was told by Home Depot that I would hear back in 2 business days because they "have to give their workmen some time to return calls". Fine, I can deal with that. I called on Wednesday morning to find out the status of my request and they said that the workman has until that evening to return the call. I said fine and hung up.

I called again at the end of business yesterday and I was told "oh, you haven't heard back yet?!" (Umm, no shit for brains, I haven't...I'm not calling you because I have nothing better to do.) So she said she would put me right through to the painter's answering service.

She put me on hold and transferred me over. The only problem was that the number she switched me over to was out of service. Are you kidding me?!

I called back, told her what happened and she said "Oh, let me try that extension myself and I'll get back to you." Umm, does she think I'm lying? She comes back to the phone and says "There seems to be a problem with our phone system." So I replied, rather snarkily "You think?!" She said she would contact the painter and I would hear something in the morning.

Well, since I hadn't heard anything by 10:30 this morning, I called back. First I spoke to someone who, I swear, was holding the phone upside down because I couldn't hear a word she was saying. I again explained everything that had happened in the couple of days and she said "You should have heard something by now!" REALLY?!

I told her, "I know you have no control over your painters and it's not your fault, but how much faith do you think I have in Home Depot as a service provider right now if they can't return a simple phone call?" She apologized and said she was going to transfer me RIGHT NOW to the painter's cell phone number.

It rang a couple of times and then I got the message "It is not necessary to dial 1 or 0 to complete this call. Please hang up and call again."


I was about to call again, but as I was dialing the painter called in on call waiting. Long story short, he's coming tonight to give me a quote (I just want to make sure that who we eventually deal with is going to give us a fair price), though I can tell you all right now that's as far as it's going to go. We're going to deal with another painter who I'll be calling in the next couple of days. I'm so pissed off with the entire situation right now.

So, again, Home Depot can kiss my ass. :)


Jeter's Mama said...

my father would LOVE this post.
every time he hears I have been to Home Depot, he yells at me.

Doris & Dan said...

Prime example of horrendous customer service. I am not big fan of HD.

Keep smilin!

JoAnn in NJ said...

HD is a PITA for sure!
Try you usually get amazingly fast returns on your search and can view comments on the service requested.

I've gotten cabinets done in the house, a locksmith and gutters cleaned (hubby not handy at all!)

Good luck!
JoAnn in NJ

wzgirl said...

Soooo, welcome to the world of contractors and home ownership. Yes...grah!

Dolores and Shawn said...

The trials of home ownership! Enjoy my friend;).

Donna Paonessa said...

Oh my's like a bad comedy routine!! Isn't home ownership fun??!! *grin*

Sam said...

YIKES!!! Don't let that man any where near your walls!!!! This is why we do it ourselves. I don't deal well with people like that!

amy said...

ok I would be just as frustrated...Ugh!

C.J. said...

And this is why I do all that shit myself around the house...unless it would kill me.

HD sucks and so many contractors are total boneheads.

Headmeister said...

Ok, so your post title is similar to mine of a few posts ago, but I still think mine really expresses things better (the one where I said "my OBGYN can go fark

I used to work at Home Depot - did I ever mention that? Yeah... USED to work

Kristine and Shawn said...

Very similar situation here with the big HD. Took us ages to get anything done. I FINALLY found an excellent co-ordinator there and put everything in her basket. We did end up with floors that don't exactly match but oh well, the colour is the same. Lesson learned and never again will we use them!!
Good luck!!!