Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ok...I need the info ***UPDATE***

I've seen on a bunch of blogs people mentioning the Furminator...Where, oh where, can I find one? Deuce is half tabby and half Maine coon and he sheds something fierce (and what he doesn't shed he decides to leave 'presents' on the only rug in the apartment). If there's a Furminator fairy out there, can you please tell me where one is? :P

***Ok, I have a few questions about the Furminator.

Has anyone ever got it tangled in their pet's fur or does it run smoothly through it? Deuce has rather long and thick belly fur and I don't want to get it stuck or accidentally hurt him.

Are the blades sharp?

Is there a chance I could end up cutting him with it?

I know, I'm really overprotective when it comes to Deuce, but he's my little furbaby. :P***


redmaryjanes said...

I must be lucky, my cat doesn't shed much. I have no idea what it is, but I've seen the unbelievable amount of hair it takes off. Amazing fur balls.

secret agent said...

all the pet stores have them
and you can get them on ebay
and probably every other online pet store.
they are expensive.
go check out my new post

Kathy and Joel said...

I just sent you an email, but here is a link.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I see that you have your question answered but this site will show you a little video of a before and after grooming.

The teeth are not long enough for you to get tangled in Duece's fur, she'll probably love it.

Happy belated 11th LID!!

secret agent said...

blade isn't sharp.... hell yeah you'll hurt if you dig it into them... it doesn't get stuck.... but it is NOT for mat removal.... if you hit a mat... you'll get stuck and it will pull

Dolores and Shawn said...

I have one here, you can take a look at it on Sunday and decide which way to go. We got ours on eBay. Much cheaper than the store.

Carla said...

having a half tabby and half (either Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest) I feel your pain. I really really do.

those presents are so lovely...especially 5 times a day.

Einstein would not handle a furminator, we tried something similar once with a groomers. They had to sedate him after attempting to even give him a bath. Calm kitty he is not.

but aren't they the most beautiful cats you've ever seen?!

C.J. said...

You won't hurt the guy with it. I haven't gotten any of my pussies tangled up yet ;0)