Monday, January 14, 2008

A shiny new award...

Sam gave me an award, yay me! Actually it's more of a pity award as she was only supposed to award it to five people but felt sorry for poor little me and tossed it here as well...oh woe is me. ;)

Now I have to fling this on to five unsuspecting rubes other bloggers who I enjoy reading every day.

No list is complete without:
Tasha (a new favourite)

Apparently, you're all supposed to now list your favourites, yadda yadda yadda...but I know none of you follow rules either, so somehow I think this thing is just going to sort of die now. :P


Doris & Dan said...

You are worthy! You are worthy!

Keep smilin!

crazylady said...

You know I'd visit more often but there is such a delay in opening your site, that it times out. You and Rony share this feature. It has happened since day 1. It is annoying. Gee glad that's out.

You are one shmarky gal, who if were quicker on the uptake I would stalk more often. I'm sure you're relieved I don't relieve myself here more often.
You deserve the award.

i-Con said...

crazylady has a crazy load like lightin' for me :0) Wow...that sounds dirty. lurves and thanks for the nod too.

I'm going to try to crash the lounge later pending call allows.

Two Kayaks said...

Yes, you are a daily for me too. As well, you load really nicely for me. But then again, Connie and I are Mac hoes.

Two Kayaks said...

P.S. Thanks for the nod.

crazylady said...

I use Mozilla/firefox AND explorer. So I guess it's just me?
I have issues. Don't comment on that please.