Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Exciting news!

...well, maybe I'm the only one that would be excited by this, but Bath and Body Works is coming to Canada! Yes, I know, things like this amuse me...but it's one of my all-time favourite stores. I always hit it when we go in to Buffalo and visit her and I always come out with at least two or three bags of stuff.

Anyways, I got an email from B&BW this morning about one of their upcoming sales, and on a lark I decided to call up and find out if they had any news about store openings. I had heard the last time I was in a store when I interrogated politely inquired if they were opening any stores in Canada and the clerk said she had heard rumblings that they *might* open some either this year or next.

The person I talked to this morning said she was told they are opening five stores in Canada THIS fall. WOO! She couldn't tell me where, apparently that's "top secret" information...but I pressed her for a bit of information. I asked her if she knew if any would be opening in Toronto.

She said "Is the West Edmonton Mall in Toronto?"

I replied "No, that's in Alberta, that's a few provinces away, why?"

She stumbled over her words and said "Oh, umm, a customer called in this morning and said that he heard it on the radio that a store was opening there."

I said "Oh, that's too bad, you wouldn't know if any are in Toronto then..."

She said "There will probably be one, and when we open in Canada we will be changing our shipping policy, so you can order online and we will deliver." (Right now they only deliver to U.S. addresses.) I'm just hoping their prices will be the same...

Gotta love persistence... ;)


Johnny said...

Oh....uhhhh...lucky you (cough, cough). It's my joke that you can't throw a rock around here without hitting a BB&B AND a Old Navy. They're like, almost joined at the hip when it comes to being a strip malls.

I'm still confused why Target is not in Canada.

3D said...

I only have that soap in my house. Love it!

If I had known...our coordinator works for Su*zy Sh*ier that is now owned by the parent company of Vic*toria's Se*cret and BBW. She told me a while ago that they are coming soon to CDA. I would have shared.

I did a happy dance.

Keep smilin!

Catherine said...

Yippee!!! Very good news! The guys at the airport who load my luggage onto the plane will also be glad as I counted that I'd brought over 100 bottles of B&BW stuff home over a variety of trips last year!

I'm with Johnny...bring on Target!!

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

I've been thinking of you and BBW since our visit in December. Someone brought a soap into our washroom and work and I've been loving the smell ever since.

Dolores and Shawn said...

Hey, West Edmonton is only 3.5 hours away from me :). I'm sure Shawn will just loooooove to hear this.

PIPO said... I can drop that bit of info that Canada has no B&BW. I only learned that a few months ago and was shocked.

Enjoy smelling purdy!