Saturday, March 29, 2008

Better late than never...

For those of you who remember this post, will remember how bummed I was about the store no longer stocking the charms for our monthly LIDiversary ritual. Josh and I have been driving around* the last couple of weekends to different malls, to see if different places stocked them. Lo and behold I finally found one today that had some so I spent a ton small fortune and got enough for the next few LIDiversaries. So these charms are for our 17 and 18 month LIDiversaries...better late than never, right? I got a special one for our 19th LIDiversary, but you'll all just have to wait a couple of weeks to see that one. That's not to say that all of them are special in their own way... ;)

I was going to start on the "Family" bracelet first, but I haven't exactly gotten a lot of responses yet from my family, so I've started on the "Friends"** bracelet instead. It's not like I have to rush to get these done with another 2-3 years to go, so whatever.

The piano keys are for Catherine who teaches piano in the evenings, so she felt that those would best suit her. The comedy and tragedy masks are for Cari who is an incredible actress (in her spare time), and I'm not just saying that. I've seen her in one play so far, and look forward to more in the future. :)

*On a side note, while we were driving to the mall today, I think we both had an epiphany and settled on "Little Maple's" name. So much so, that Josh missed the exit to the mall. :P
(No, we're not saying what it is, and we can't be bribed...)

**About a month or so ago, I sent out an email to people I've met through this process and I asked them to choose charms. This bracelet, like the "Family" bracelet will eventually be going to "Little Maple". In the meantime, though, I'll be wearing it. (I'm actually wearing it right now...shhh).

That being said, if I have met you and you didn't receive the email, let me know and I'll send it to you. ;)


Mrs. Vandertramp said...

woo hooo! Epiphanies are fun. So I just have to return to your neighbourhood, bring some wine and bailey's and sit there looking at you winsomely, right?? Then you'll share with me?

Cari said...

So cool!!! I'm so honoured to be a part of Little Maple's bracelet!!(um, what's her name???? I'll give you a cookie if you tell me...or babka)

Can't wait to meet...what's her name/???

Love, Cari

Catherine said...

How fun to be part of your journey to....oh yah, what did you say her name was again?

LOL! Thought it might work but guess I'll just have to be patient with everyone else.

Glad you've found a name. Such a wonderful feeling!

OH MY #6 said...

what a lovely idea.


PIPO said...

Woman! I had that email but had not gotten back to you. Please link me up again and accept my "mea culpa" for tardiness!

I have to pick a charm in honor of little Euphagenia.

Kelli said...

Yay! Congratulations on coming up with a name! What an exciting day! Glad you found a few more charms for your bracelets! What a great idea!

Dolores and Shawn said...

I will take a look at the list and send you another choice. Sorry about the delay.