Monday, March 03, 2008

Bullet train...

* I can't seem to upload my pictures to Photobucket without them being sideways, is this happening to anyone else?

* The picture I was going to upload was of the loonie/toonie jar, but I wasn't going to give a tally after I got an interesting comment from li'l miss or mister anonymous last month. By the way, not that it's ANY of your business anonymous, but we DO give to's just that this money is for OUR daughter (not that I have to explain it to you), so kindly find the door and don't come back. :)

* When I figure out why Photobucket is acting goofy, I'll post the pic. Well now it's not acting as was weird though.

* It's kind of ironic that they made the remark about charity, when the post was about buying tickets for the Heart and Stroke lottery...gee, doesn't that money go towards a charity?! :P

* I've gone through all my archives and taken out any reference to the amounts that we collect each month since it bothers you...whoever you are. At least next time, have the cajones to sign your name. ;)

* It probably wasn't the best idea, anyways, to give the tally on an open blog each month.


* We're going to replace our living room/dining room floor in the summer and I can't wait! Yes, we just moved into the house in September, but we (ok, more me) really want to get rid of the parquet flooring and put down hardwood. We looked at samples yesterday and we're leaning towards merbau or possibly cherry. I'll post pictures...eventually.

* I really need a vacation and June simply cannot come soon enough. We almost ended up with a surprise trip to Montreal in April for Josh's job, but that got scuttled in the end. Oh well.


Dolores said...

You know what? It's your money and you can do whatever you want with it. You've both worked hard to get it and it's NOBODY's business what you do with it. Honestly, some people.

josh said...

*highfive @ dolores* if you take down the amount, then the terrorists win.

3D said...

Your blog, your rules.

Hardwood is gooooooood.

Keep smilin!

PIPO said...

Me likey hardwood.

As for anon, I'm with Dolores. Don't let that buttnugget get to you!

Kristine and Shawn said...

Yikes, don't let those crazy anon's comments get you down!! Your blog rocks and it is exciting to see how your savings are growing!!! Keep up the great work.

Kristy said...

There is a few of us having some blogger problems. I can't get my "customize" page to fully load, and it is very irritating!!!

You go girl, putting Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous in their place!!!

You are going tohave to get this picture thing corrected so you an show us pictures of your new floor when you get done.

Love, Kristy