Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Global warming? Naaaaaaaah...(and other ramblings)

What weird weather we're having here lately! It's the end of November and it was 15 degrees...15 degrees (for you Americans, that's 59 Fahrenheit) AT THE END OF Toronto! Insanity, I tell you, sheer insanity.

But with the above normal temperatures comes crappiness too. It's supposed to be the same temperature for tomorrow with rain, but then Friday we're going to get *gasp* snow. I expect that sometime between tomorrow afternoon and evening, I'm going to get one helluva migraine. Gotta love those quick weather snaps! I actually got a mini one this afternoon, took three Tylenols and *poof* it went away (thankfully).

The weird thing is, I've always been able to take Tylenol without any sort of side effects, but lately I find that when I take three at once I get really sleepy. I wonder if they've changed the formula or something.

On a side note, I noticed that I'm getting some hits from RQ's site since I registered my blog on her site. So if you've come from there, welcome! Feel free to wander around on the site, I don't bite...much.

When I first started dipping my toe in the 'blogosphere' and I found out about her site, I vowed I'd never...NEVER...go to it, but I find that I can't tear myself away from checking it at least 2-3 times a day...even during the quiet times. *sigh*

By the way, Deuce is back to normal! He's still a bit picky about his litter box, so we might end up getting him ANOTHER new one, we'll see how he does with it over the next few days.

Last night he curled up next to me and slept with his tail on my pillow (thankfully he's no longer gassy or that would have been...rather unpleasant). Right now he's walking on the computer table and mewing at me for attention.

We rescheduled his tooth cleaning (and possible extraction...ugh) for December 12th. I'm not really looking forward to it, but he has to have it done. When I spoke to the vet today, she asked if I wanted it done next week. I told her that I wanted Deuce to get back to normal before he has it, especially if he has to have an extraction, then he'd have to go on antibiotics. He doesn't need any more stress. Poor kitty.


Kristine and Shawn said...

I was just thinking "poor kitty!!" and then I read the end of your post. Hope that he feels better soon, Camie sleeps on my head too -for 18 1/2 years!! We have your weather here but we hope to give it back soon!!! It is raining now and hopefully all the snow will be gone by tomorrow morning!!

Mark & Michelle said...

Glad to hear that Deuce is doing better.

I am actaully enjoying the weather that we are currently having -not much for the cold air.

Speaking of RQ - I can't get on the site so that only makes me think that there is something going on and I am out of the loop!!

Kathy and Joel said...

I cannot say that I mind the warmer weather here in Toronto (especially since I am on yard supervision this week). I dread the cold...snow I can handle, but cold...not so much.
Glad to hear that Deuce is still progressing. Cheetah had a great day today and I just finished playing with her with a long tape measure. She was doing somersaults! So cute.

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Yeah for Deuce! Good stuff to hear that he is doing well.

Tonight 15 degrees. Friday 0!

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

It was 63 degrees here today. But I heard that we are going to get hit with snow. No. make it go away!

Dolores and Shawn said...

Glad to hear the little guy is doing well. Even though it's been nice, I'm sure we'll end up paying for it shortly.

Sam said...

Glad to hear Deuce is feeling better! My HUGE orange tabby Harry likes to sleep on my head too. Problem is he weighs about 30 pounds! I usually end up with a migraine the next morning. BTW, I've used Advil for years and this past Spring I suddenly developed an awful allergic reaction! Not sure why, but now I can't take it at all!!!

How about posting a new photo of Deuce?