Thursday, November 23, 2006

Problems with Bloglines - Catch 22

Well, I've been getting really frustrated with Bloglines lately and apparently, or so I read on Johnny's blog, if you delete the feed and re-add it, Bloglines will work properly again. Apparently it was a problem with Bloglines recognizing the feed for people who have updated to the new version of Blogger.

So I'm going to test the theory and remove everyone from my Bloglines account and add them back in. It *should* work.

I think a fair number of people are just looking at my blog through Bloglines and since it doesn't show as an 'update' there, they aren't coming in manually. So I've gone from a daily hit amount of about 50-75+ to 20ish.

Not that this is going to help you much if you read it on Bloglines, because you won't know this is a new post... :P


Mark & Michelle said...

o.k. I thought it was just me!!! I kept going on Bloglines and thinking that the blog-o-sphere is VERY quiet as there were no updates on bloglines. So then, as I had nothing else to do (as my DH is certainly beginning the think), I went manually to each site and was surprised to see many of the blogs had a new entry but it wasn't appearing. Now I seem to glance at Bloglines but I end up going manually to each site to check anyway.

I too will now test the 'delete and readd' theory...Thanks for the tip!!

new girl said...

Hey Rhonda, you know I deleted and re-added both you and Johnny, and it still doesn't work. It shows both of you as having updates as of only Nov. 16. Who knows what's going on? Anyway, I'll be checking manually. ;)

Kathy and Joel said...

OMG!!! I've been wondering why everyone has been so quiet!!! Thanks for this post. I will update things immeditely!