Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Mayor told me to!

Toronto Public Health has started a new campaign to ward off the spread of the flu. The ad to the left is their 'brilliant' solution. For all the parents out there whose children wipe their noses or sneeze on their sleeves, expect the response when you tell them not to "But Mom, Mayor Miller told me to!" There's just a whole level of YEECH about the whole thing.


Kristine and Shawn said...

DISGUSTING!!! I can't believe it. Why not have a campagne about carrying tissues with you or the old hankie!!! What happens when those germ soaked sleeves are laid on desks in classrooms or used to open doors!!! Yikes!!

Mark & Michelle said...


I don't know what else there is to say!!!

Anonymous said...

EWWWW! Maybe everyone in your town should sneeze on the mayor's sleeve!

Debbie & Kirk said...

I actually saw that - I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Crazy crazy

(hoping for referral this month)

Connie said...