Sunday, November 19, 2006

Poor kitty

My poor kitty, Deuce, is sick again. Yesterday he had a little bout of diarrhoea and vomitting (yes, you really needed to know this) so I had Josh call the vet clinic and see what we should do. They told us to monitor him overnight and if he was still sick in the morning to call back and they would TELL us if he needed to come in or not.

This morning I woke up to the lovely sounds of a cat crying and puking, I lept out of bed, called the vet and said "We're bringing in our cat...NOW." We cleaned up the apartment, I'll spare you THOSE details, got into the car and headed to the vet. We're lucky, the vet clinic is only a two minute drive from where we live.

We got there, they took him right away, and he let them examine him. He must have really not been feeling well if he let them touch him. They felt his belly and thankfully it's not distended, and his bladder isn't either.

Right now they aren't sure if this is all a reaction from the food change, a latent reaction to his vaccines, or a combination of both since they happened the same day, or something else. We're hoping, obviously, that it's just a food reaction.

They said we could take him home and watch him during the day today and tomorrow, but I felt it was safer for him if he stayed at the clinic. I would rather him be at the clinic in case he needed attention, than having to pack him up and take him back.

They're treating him with a course of injectible medication to settle his stomach and they're going to monitor him during the day and then start to feed him this evening. Hopefully, if he keeps everything down and his stomach settles, we can pick him up tomorrow.

Needless to say, we cancelled his dental surgery for Friday.

Poor kitty.


Mark & Michelle said...

Poor Deuce - I hope he is feeling better soon!!

Natolino said...

Poor Kitty!
Best wishes for a quick recovery!!

stardeo said...

Oh, dear! That's the same thing that happened to my cat. They gave him the feline "distemper" vaccine, and he was sick as soon as we got home. He HID from me in the house and would not come out. I was terrified! He had to spend an expensive night at the clinic. They gave him some Benadryl and cortisone and he did feel better. I still can't figure out why they broke my cat.

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear about animals suffering :( I have four cats and they are treated like children in my house. When one of them evey blinks crooked, they go to the vet. I hope your fur-baby gets better soon!

Connie said...

Awww! I hope he is back to himself again soon.

Rhonda said...


Heh, they broke your cat? That's cute in a disturbing way...