Monday, July 16, 2007

A blessing in disguise!

As most of you know, Josh and I are planning our road trip to Kentucky and Ohio. When we usually go away we leave Deuce in the apartment and have Josh's parents come over, feed him, de-poop him (yup, it's a word...really...) and make sure he's ok. Last time we were away for an extended time (our trip to Scotland and Italy last September/October), Deuce got sick and Josh's parents had to take him to the clinic. We decided it was a little unfair to ask his parents to look after him again, so we were going to leave him at the veterinary clinic.

Well, today I called the clinic to make arrangements to leave him there. I was put on hold and then I heard the dreaded words..."We're fully booked. We've been booked for quite a while."


I asked the receptionist for the name/address of another boarding facility (which I won't be posting the name of until we get first, people) and she gave me a name which I had never heard of. I decided to call them up and it sounded 'ok' so I booked Deuce in, but told the receptionist I would be in 'sometime this week' for a tour. I didn't want to say I'd be in at X time on X date...I wanted to see what the place looked like when they weren't expecting visitors. I'm sneaky like that.

Anyways, Josh and I went in RIGHT after work to check the place out. One of the workers went upstairs to make sure none of the cats were 'exercising' and then led us up. During the day they let one cat out at a time to sit on the windowsill while the workers clean the cages and feed the cats.

Wow was I impressed! The cages were HUGE (6' long by 4' high by 2' wide). We walked through the entire cat section and I pet all the cats along the way...I couldn't help myself. I mainly did that though to make sure all the cats were 'friendly' and not traumatized by their stay there. I figured if I put five fingers in and came back with three then that wasn't the place for Deuce. ;)

So, we're going to leave Deuce there from now on whenever we go away...and the clinic has lost a client for boarding. ;)


C.J. said...

How bizarre. When I am away, does it not figure that I call my dad swinging by to take care of my brood de-pooping missions? Hey, I calls it likes I sees it ;0)

Doris & Dan said...

Such a relief to find a nice kitty hotel while you are away. Do they offer catnip massages and tuna wraps? Tee hee!

Keep smilin!

Kathy and Joel said...
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Kathy and Joel said...

We've never boarded Bear, but may have to if we ever go to China. I'm already nervous about that prospect as he requires a TON of love to get him through even one day.
Glad that you found a place for Deuce that will make all three of you happy!

a&mg said...

So glad you found a good place for Deuce. I know the time will come when we have to board the dogs for one reason or another, so it's reassuring to know there are some good places out there!

Donna Paonessa said...

What a relief! It's always a worry leaving our fur babies. Sounds like you found a great spot though! My parents "dog-sit" for us when we go away - he gets spoiled! It makes me laugh because growing up (we had a dog), animals were not allowed on the furniture - well, Rocky is allowed to sit on their couches, and my Mom even gets him a special pillow for his head!!! Last year he stayed there when we went to Ottawa for the picnic, and there was a bad thunderstorm one night (which he's nervous about) - well, didn't my Dad stay up during the night with him to make sure he was alright??!!! Sheesh.

Anyways - glad you found a place you're comfortable with - sounds great!

Miss Cleo said...

He will have a lovely vacation then.

Dolores and Shawn said...

I might have to get the name of the boarding school for cats from you. We've never boarded up Jazz so I would need to make sure the place would be able to handle her.