Monday, September 18, 2006

Aberdeen (JC)

Still a bit jet-lagged, neither Rhonda or I slept, in fact we were so messed up, we could tell time. I looked at the time thinking it was 6:05am, but it was actually 11:30pm with my watch upside down. Oops.

Rhonda and I slept 2 hours talking like it was summer camp as we did not want our "counsellor" to hear us. Wet willies and pink bellies tomorrow night, it's hands in the warm water tonight! Heh heh.

When we realized it was 2:00am, we went back to sleep and had breakfast made by the innkeeper in the morning. Croissants, cereal, fruit, cheese (orgasmic), and sliced ham. We passed on the ham.

We took the train to Aberdeen and saw the east coast.

The North Sea looked still, about as still as a woman who has gone 1 week without chocolate. "Argh Billy, the sea is angry!"

We arrived in downtown Aberdeen, where the train station is, and walked around for a while. We saw the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, St. Andrew's Cathedral (which was closed), as was Aberdeen's retail sector at 5:00pm. We passed by a tattoo parlour during our walkabout which had a sign in the window that read "No junkies or kerb crawlers!" After all, tattoo parlours are where the elite meet...

We also walked past the University of Aberdeen and the grounds are spectacular...

We had lupper at The Monkey House . The menu raved of its hamburgers and selection of succulent mouth-watering monkey meat (just kidding). I had the pate with the house specialty "monkey burger" which was thankfully free of Scottish raised, organic, free range monkey meat. Rhonda, on the other hand, had a Caesar salad and, what else, fish and chips. As the saying goes, "When in Aberdeen..."

Along the way, we saw a restaurant called "East Hurlet", which didn't look nearly as appetizing as it sounded, so we passed.

We did a big walkabout and headed back to rainy Glasgow. In Britain, pedestrians do not have 'right of way', crossing streets was like playing a bad round of Frogger . One car actually sped up while we were in the intersection!

Tomorrow we are off to Oban and the Isle of Mull.

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