Sunday, September 03, 2006

TAG! (and I'm it)

Good news, I woke up this morning and the migraine was gone! Whoever invented Fiorinal is a freaking genius. ;)

Anyways, on to other events.

Well, it finally happened, I've been tagged.. Took you people long enough! :P

Thanks to Nicole I've now got some work to do. Woo!

And here I was, having blogger block thinking about what to write today!

7 things I want to do without dying of embarrassment

1. Public speaking (regardless of how portray myself here, I'm painfully shy in real life). Yes, I know, hard to believe.
2. Learn to drive (without killing someone).
3. Learn to cook (without killing someone).
4. Interview a five-year old without looking dumber than the child. (For a project when I was doing my ECE degree, I had to interview a child and learn about their play patterns. For this, I interviewed a child who had a speech impediment, andwho was playing with a farm set. All of a sudden he stood up and yelled, or what I thought he yelled, was "Potato! Potato!" When I asked him why he was yelling out "Potato! Potato!", he looked up at me, and with a quizzical look on his face he said "I was yelling 'Volcano! Volcano!', are you stupid or something?" The even more amusing part of this exercise was that everything was taped and had to be replayed in front of my class).
5. Visit the Louvre without having food poisoning and thinking that I was defacing an art exhibit.
6. Not putting my foot in my mouth when talking to my MIL. (On one of the first dates with my future husband, we went out to a deli for dinner. After dinner, my husband took me back to his parent's house to meet them. His mom is quite religious. When she inquired about what I had eaten for dinner, I said, without thinking "a cheeseburger". She turned around, said "lovely" and walked away. *NOT* a good first impression).
7. Tell a story about work that doesn't involve my FIL's (aromatic) bodily funcitons. (Like when he walks into the office and says 'Hey Rhonda, have you tried the 10-bean salad at the cafeteria?' and noisily walks away.)

7 Things I Cannot do in the summer

1. Sunbathe, I don't really tan, I burn.
2. BBQ (leads back to the category above, I can't cook).
3. Have a snowball fight.
4. Ice fishing.
5. Wear a bathing suit, I haven't worn one in years.
6. Wear cashmere, first I'd have to own cashmere.
7. Sleep without a comforter on the bed, I'm always cold.

7 Things I can do which are meaningless unless you are still in Jr. High

1. Do the Vulcan sign with both hands, and no, I'm not into Star Trek.
2. Put my left thumb behind my hand.
3. I can roll my tongue.
4. Get a high score in Space Invaders.
5. Burp so loudly that it scares the cat. Yup, I'm classy.
6. Shock my MIL with stories of sin and degradation.
7. Teach my nephew the "7 dirty words you can't say on television". (Just kidding).

7 things which attracted me to my house

1. Location, location, location.
2. The view.
3. The two balconies (we have a corner unit in a small building).
4. The amount of space.
5. The age of the tenants (about 75% of the tenants are over 70, so there's no loud music or drunken parties. Or rather, if there are, the parties don't last past 7:30...Jeopardy is on!)
6. The location, but for a different reason. We are close enough to our respective in-laws, but far enough away that they don't show up on our doorstep. ;)

7 things I say most when I’m crying

1. I'm sorry.
2. Why?
3. I'm not talking to you.
4. *&($#@* off.
5. Leave me alone.
6. We'll talk about this in the morning.
7. Are we done yet?

7 children’s books I am adding to my own collection

1. Pat the Bunny.
2. The Story of Babar
3. Mr. Brown Can Moo. Can You?
4. The Wheels on the Bus.
5. Anything and everything Dr. Seuss.
6. Any book by Robert Munsch.
7. Heb Jij Op Mijn Hoofd Gepoepd?* (Dutch, translated literally as Have You on My Head Pooped?) I saw this on Walternatives and I *MUST* find the translated version.

7 children’s movies I can watch for the bazillionth time without wanting to rip my eyes from their sockets

1. The Wizard of Oz.
2. The Sound of Music.
3. The Bad News Bears (I'm a child of the 70s, what can I say? I'm warped.)
4. Mary Poppins
5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original)
6. Superman
7. Any Muppet movie.

I decided not to tag anyone, but if you want to tag yourself go ahead. I'm always up to reading a new post (or new blog entirely *hint hint*). ;)

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walternatives said...

Do your in-laws read your blog? My guess would be no, but I could be wrong. I'm fascinated and disturbed imagining your thumb trick! And I can't imagine suffering from food poisoning while at the Louvre! I've only been there once, and it was at my younger sister's insistence; she wanted to see the Mona Lisa. I, with an art history degree, wanted to see Everything (thus why I'd never been). My sister paid the entrance fees for both of us, we walked straight to the Mona Lisa (no dawdling), she saw it, I took her picture, we left. Voila! One last thing (is this your blog or mine?)... My husband is having his mother look for that book in the NL; he's there now. I read it when I was studying Dutch. If there is an English version, I'll let you know the author. Sounds like the book might be a good one for your FIL!