Saturday, September 16, 2006

On our way!

We left home at 3:45 and drove over to my mom's house. We dropped our car off at her place because we didn't feel great about leaving our car at our apartment building for two and a half weeks, unprotected. A while back our car was broken into and they broke the driver's side window and ripped out both airbags, rummaged through the trunk, and took various other things. So, obviously, we didn't want the car left here. Not that our building is that bad or we're in a dangerous area or anything, it's just that we didn't want to take a chance with anything.

Anyways, she took up to the airport so that we could be there three hours in advance. Especially with all the new security foofura, they suggest that you have to be there that early to go through various procedures.

We walked around the terminal for a bit and then said our goodbyes, and wouldn't you know it, getting past security took all of 15 minutes! Had we known this at the time, we would have taken my mom up on her offer of taking us out for dinner. Oh well.

After walking around we finally decided to have a snack and shared a turkey sandwich, or at least that's what they said it was; it had all the consistency of popcicle sticks...slightly dry. We chased it down with a chocolate croissant from Starbucks. Hey, a girl's gotta have some comfort food, right?

We finally made our way to the plane without incident. Though a few 'exciting' things happened on the plane, I got shnockered on wine, gotta love those itty bitty bottles...

About halfway through the flight, the lady sitting across from me fainted. She completely passed out! The BA staff handled this like real professionals to the point that if you weren't sitting near this woman, you wouldn't know that anything was amiss. Josh said that they swooped in and saved her like Spiderman in a BA uniform.

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Doris & Dan Clark said...

Spiderman! Too funny!

Keep smilin!