Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mom and Dad on the podcast page

Okay, so I blew it a little - talked to my roommate and it turns out the two variations of mother and father aren't as formal as I thought they were. She reminded me of two phrases that are very rarely used except by telemarketers and in formal occasions - Fu Qing and Mu Qing, which means father and mother in a very traditional sense.

Anyway, I've posted the more colloquial Mom and Dad on the Little Maple page. The two are about equivalent, although the latter one is slightly more formal than the former. I'd say start with the former and go with that.

In other news, I found this dude on Odeo. He's very energetic, very cheesy, and speaks with a very Southern Chinese accent. I found it amusing when I listened to it, but it does have additional phrases I'll probably not get to immediately.

Learn Chinese!


walternatives said...

Hey Spitgirl - Thanks for the link!

Foxtail said...
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