Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fresh meat!

I added some new bloggy goodness along the sidebar. I think I have all the Alt-DTC members, if I missed anyone, let me know (and yes, they are alphabetized). I won't tell you how long that took. ;)


Catherine said...

Looks great! Love the maple leafs.

Just linked to your blog from a comment you left on Kathy's. Here's hoping your LID is soon!!!

Any chance you're with Open Arms? That's the agency I'm with too and 2 of my friends are with OA and their dossiers went to China on August 14th. Timinig seems close so thought I'd ask.

Nice to meet you!

walternatives said...

You had to alphabetize your blogroll? How tedious. My blog provider (wordpress) does it automatically. Wait, were you kidding? May be it's too early for me to be commenting...

Connie said...

Hey, I spent forever alphabtizing mine too....all kinds of fun. So much I went back for a a second helping to add in everyone's LID.

Wow, I saw Carrie's comment...Wordpress does this automatically? (said with a tad of envy).

Rhonda said...


Nope, I'm *that* anal that I sat there and alphabetized the list.


I'll probably add the LIDs, that is, once I have mine. Priorities! Priorities! :P

atomic mama said...

Awesome. Once you add all the LIDs, I'll just copy yours... kidding! Um, no I'm not! Happy Friday!

Kathy and Joel said...

Your blog looks awesome! I wish I would have thought of something as ctchy as those cute little maple leaves.
I am incredibly honoured to be on your blog!