Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oban and Isle of Mull (JC)

I took a bath this morning; the B&B had no shower. Shaving with no hot water, in a bathtub, was like wresting with a wet cat.

As we had to catch an early morning train, the innkeeper prepared a care package of oranges, bananas, 4 packs of cheese, a yogurt drink called Yakult and 100g of premium Marks and Spencer Swiss chocolate. If Rhonda was a cat, she would be purring.

The train trip to Oban was spectacular. Enough sun peaked through to reveal miles and miles of Highlands, untouched by civilization. Not a Starbucks for 200 miles!

Oban is the gateway to the Inner and Outer Hebrides . We took a ferry to the Isle of Mull.

The 3rd largest island in Scotland and saw more unspoiled wilderness, and had a tour of Duart Castle which is the residence of the MacLean clan.

We were so impressed by the amount of fishing that went on in the area, but only found out too late that there was a fish restaurant. Oh well, maybe next time. Instead we went to an authentic Scottish restaurant, I had the haggis and Rhonda had the lamb. She asked for them to just add a little gravy on it, and it came to the table literally doing the backstroke.

This restaurant had the most disgusting assortment of potato jackets. What did potatoes do to the Scots they had to assault them with haggis, baked beans and tuna? GROSS!

At the end of dinner, I turned to Rhonda and mentioned that if we didn't get to the train in time we would be "stuck on the island!". Our waitress overheard this, snorted and I quickly backpedaled and said "no, really the island is beautiful, that's not really what I meant." (but it was).

Tomorrow we're heading off for Inverness!

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