Monday, September 25, 2006


As soon as we woke up, I called the hospital where Deuce is to get an update. Thankfully the clinic is open 24/7 and the admitting doctor was on duty. Deuce had started to improve overnight and was being playful with her. I expressed my shock as usually Deuce is a terror and needs three people to hold him down. She agreed and said he was like that yesterday, but now he was in better spirits.

Feeling quite sorry for us and our plight, our innkeeper made fish cakes for breakfast. What a nice surprise and start to our day.

We headed into Edinburgh after breakfast and got in shortly after noon. We walked our feet off as I wanted to do some shopping. I was kind of disappointed with the shopping here, but I did manage to find a nice red cashmere sweater that was on SALE, so the day wasn't a complete wash.

While we were walking along the Royal Mile we passed by a baked potato shop called "The Tempting Tattie" and we both challenged each other to get a disgusting combination and eat it. I chose the tuna and butter potato, while Josh chose the baked beans and cheese potato. Yes, there IS a potato underneath all this goop. Connie, now that you've seen what they look like, do you still contend that they're yummy? ;)

It can be said that with each sin comes equal punishment. As punishment for eating of the fruit of the tattie tree we both had to find the 'head' aboard the HMY Britannia. It went through Josh twice like a grande prune smoothie from Starbucks.

We did stay on the yacht long enough to see most of the important sights - state rooms, formal dining room, officer's mess, surgery, and the deck made of aged teak wood; the Rolls Royce of wood for ships. Also aboard was the Queen's Rolls Royce, WOW!

I can see why the UK government retired the Britannia. The labour and cost of keeping her afloat (the boat, not the Queen) would be outrageously high.

Lots of ticky tacky, genuine Scottish souvenirs turned Josh off of shopping.

The new mall in Leith indicated a sign of the times, like Inverness, the malling (mauling) of Scotland is at hand. The malls have sucked the life out of the small, quality shoppes.


Johnny said...

Been following your updates of your trip. You've confirmed all the jokes about Scottish food!

Can you confirm that they love to pinch a penny, so to speak?

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

You didn't love the jacket potatoes? Still one of my fondest memories....

Rhonda said...


Well, being that my husband's family are Jewish and Scottish, I should have a lot of stories to tell about that, but sadly none from this trip. ;)


Sam & Matt,

Nope, they were pretty nasty...Perhaps we would have had a better experience with them if they hadn't glommed all the toppings on in such a...disgusting manner. ;)