Saturday, September 02, 2006

Run for the hills! (Part deux)--Updated

Well, last night my mom called to say that she was under the weather, and that combined with the remnants of Ernesto (and the possibility of flash flooding) made her change her mind about going to Buffalo. So no shopping, no meeting Nicole. Serious bummer.

Then this morning I woke up with a headache so severe I thought my head was going to pop clean off my shoulders. What fun. I took a 'happy pill' and slept most of the day.

It's been raining steadily all day and I'm just feeling...blechy, for lack of a better word.

To top it all off, blogger's being wonky. I can't seem to upload any images or preview my posts. The buttons that used to let me do this don't seem to exist on the page anymore. Is anyone else having these problems or know how to fix them? Let me know. I've already written a message to the Blogger people, but as it's a long weekend, I doubt I'll hear anything soon.

***Ok, now that's weird, I just deleted cookies and offline content, and now I can post pictures and preview my posts again. Computers make my brain hurt.***


Kathy and Joel said...

Hey, sweet girl. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so yucky. Yeterday was definitely gross (I live just east of Oshawa) and today is not looking any brighter.
I have had those problems with blogger before and had to change my browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox. Once I had changed browsers, I was able to upload once again.
Hope you feel better.

walternatives said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get to meet Nic for pancakes. I loved the idea that ALT sisters were breakfasting together. Another time, I'm sure. I hope that you feel better. As for your blogger problem, you can always do as Holly and SBird and I did and move. See Holly's site; she's the most recent deserter.

Connie said...

Hey ya - sorry you had a crummy day. The good thing about those kind of days is that the DO go away!

Firefox does make Blogger WAY more reliable in my opinion. Give it a whirl!